07.27.2012 09:52 AM

In this morning’s mailbox: Jon Latvis writes

Mr. Latvis mustn’t be enjoying all the publicity very much.  That makes me very sad.  Here’s his pithy note to me, just received:

Jon Latvis wrote:
It’s not a swastika on my arm you fucking idiot! It’s a Cross of Thunder, our
God of War that our people have used for thousands of years! Learn some European
history, ASSHOLE! I’ll be suing your ass for slander real soon if you don’t shut
the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My goodness! Sorry about the swear words. Jon seems upset.

I immediately wrote back, and said I would be happy to correct the record about the swastika thing, if he simply told me what the “Cross of Thunder” was, in his own words. No response.

So, I entered the phrase in this helpful Google thing, and this is what I got:

Perhaps Rob Ford could meet with him, and they could discuss the etymology of words, and transit and stuff.

Oh, wait.


  1. Philippe says:

    Seems like a pleasant fella.

  2. Peter Mumford says:

    He means “libel,” right?

  3. Chris Schnurr says:

    Okay, I’ll bite, perhaps he could explain the meaning of the lyrics to the song, “Third Reich”?


  4. John says:

    He strikes me as the kind of guy who would enjoy a good single malt with a fine cigar over an intense debate on the what McLuhan was really trying to get at… or maybe he’s the kind of guy who likes to beat up Jewish folks… hard to tell which…

  5. Mr. Murdoch esq says:

    …and again, you didn’t fail to disappoint. I love these letters, in fact I am no longer doing word jumbles, and crosswords. I gave them all up for the best entertainment of all- “We Get Letters”. Please keep them coming. Please don’t tell me that you have Jerry Springer writing them. Please tell me they are authentic.

  6. For a minute there I thought he might be mad. Just an expressive young man I guess. Looks like things have settled down nicely since there was no reply to your offer. Better go get my PVR set for the Olympic opening…

  7. Rene Gauthier says:

    Isn’t that about the same line the Southern-fetishers use about the Confederate battle flag?

  8. Kevin says:

    Dude gets around. That’s a Latvian IP address.

    Anyway, he can call it whatever he wants. I know what it is.

  9. Jim Elyot says:

    We should maybe think about not letting so many of these Europeans he talks about, come here to live.

  10. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Methinks he doth protest a wee bit too much. On the other side of the coin, you are probably aware that there is a lovely little community near Kirkland Lake Ontario named Swastika. From having visited there, I can attest that it is inhabited by wonderful people. Obviously your interlocutor does not hail from there.

    • Jon Adams says:

      There’s something so be said for the power of taking back hateful things. Henry Rollins has a great bit where he suggests LGBT people put on Klansman robes in stealth, and turn KKK marches into flash mob Pride parades.

      Also, the trailer for the Blaxploitation flick “The Black Gestapo” looks like the most awesomely tasty slice of 70’s cheese I’ll ever sink my honkey teeth into.

    • Bill MacLeod says:

      There’s quite a history behind Swastika ON, especially during WW2 when the Ontario highways department put up “WINSTON” signs by day and the townspeople replaced them with their original signs by night. For the record, the town was named after the old Swastika mine which ran prior to the First World War. Swastikas, at the time, were good luck symbols after all.

      There’s a “Friends of the Swastika” association out there. Its membership is 15-to-20 percent Jewish, as I recall.

      Frankly, I would love to see that symbol reclaimed from its 12-years-of-insanity legacy.

  11. KP says:

    He also needs to learn the difference between ‘libel’ and ‘slander.’

  12. Tom says:

    Not only is he an unhinged lunatic, but he also can’t seem to google the definition of slander.

    These silly little men playing dress up are so damn funny.

  13. Tim Sullivan says:

    There used to be a building, some kind of Chinese restaurant or something (but it was 15 yrs ago now) near Bloor and Lansdown in Toronto that had the symbol all over an iron gate. The symbol stands out, and there really is only one meaning now, anymore, at least outside Latvia (IMHO).

  14. VC says:

    I don’t think Mr. Latvis is being very honest. I know an average amount of European history and I recognize that the symbol in question was quite prominent, not only in Europe but also around the world, during the early and mid 20th century. For millions of people, in fact, the image of that symbol is seared into their memory.

  15. Adam Grachnik says:

    Nice. You should share his email address with the world.

  16. Brian Busby says:

    Yes, that’s not a swastika, it’s a symbol for ‘happiness’.

    Universally recognized, like the smiley face.

  17. steve w says:

    My people have a God of War? Hm, maybe if I start praying to it hard enough the Habs won’t suck anymore!

  18. Tiger says:

    Never understood why people are drawn to that symbol in Canada and other Allied countries…

    Kipling would label people like that “traitors to the Queen, and rebels to the Crown”.

  19. Attack! says:

    What, so if it’s rotated 45 degrees it’s not the same symbol / thing?

    It was geniuses like that the ‘Diamond’ Shreddies commercials made fun of, a few years ago… though apparently it actually worked in increasing sales.

  20. mauser98 says:

    I’m a crypto-Nazi.

  21. jp says:

    I like his hat!

  22. deb says:

    perhaps him and Rob are discussing their take over of Toronto…one thing for certain voters wont bring Ford back…so dictatorship might be the way to go. I sense that Latvis is angling for the propaganda minister or perhaps he is the head or torturing citizens:P Am I allowed to speculate or is that slander?

    • don craig says:

      Rob Ford wont run for re election .. why would anyone need the ignorance that is directed at him? your post for example.

      • deb says:

        So Don, I guess like Rob you lack a sense of humour, hey:)
        but if were talking ignorance of all of Toronto…I think thats soo unfair, they didnt realize what they were getting when they voted, now they do;)
        lol, some people need to take a break off the internets when they get that grumpy!

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        Ottawa had Larry O’Brien and he ran again. He said that the 18 or so candidates who were running against him was a sign of his excellence as mayor, and that everyone wanted to be that excellent (or silly words to that effect). O’Brien was a laughing stock for his ineptness, not his stupidity. Why would Rob Ford and his ego (or alter-ego brother) think he is doing anything other than an excellent job, to be emulated?

        • deb says:

          🙂 so true Tim…the silly and inept are usually the last to know or understand how poor their performance is..When the fords run again they may get two votes but they will still blame the ignorance of the Toronto constituents for passing up such excellence;)

          • don craig says:

            as suspected Deb your “humour” is based on hatred … Like all totalitarians you wish to silence differing opinion…and of course all you have to offer are slurs… lol.. btw.. I am having a great day.. I wish the same to you.

          • deb says:

            thanks Don…and totalatarian…bite your tongue, im a fiscal conservative with a dash of anarchy for charm, lol:)

          • deb says:

            and no way how…do I want anyone silenced…humans have such great things to offer…even if I dont agree…sometimes I cannot believe what people come up with but I am not wanting any other POV silenced…that would be bland and boring:) Go for broke…im always good to be called totalatarian…I take it as a colourful compliment, 🙂

  23. Ritalin boy says:

    Well for someone with nordic ancestors it’s a bit sad that ancient and previously benign symbols that actually represent pride in having scandinavian ancestors (nobel anyone? Leif erickson anyone?) such as the sun cross, mjolnir and various others (the swastica being a Hindu-Buddhist-Judaic symbol found in religious art all over Asia) has been co-opted by hateful nutjobs who think genocide is ok and worship Woten. Really limits my tattoo options. I mean a mjolnir tat would be the coolest thing to cover my new scar. I’ll have to settle for heart with barbeRd wire around it. Sigh.

  24. Justin says:

    Something tells me that jonny boy isn’t using the symbol as heritage for his European
    Homeland. I think a majority of Europeans have distain for what that symbol stands for now.

  25. don craig says:

    according to the cbc article about this you seem to run in the same circles as Latvis and are on a first name basis with him.. Is the Mayor.?

  26. don craig says:

    my comment is awaiting moderation… thanks for the humour warren… btw your clock is wrong. daylight saving time too difficult?

    • Jon Adams says:

      There aren’t enough palms for my face at the moment.

    • Philip says:

      Don, this internet thing. You’re doing it wrong.

      • don craig says:

        please enlighten me Phillip.. Is it because I am not in lockstep?

        • Philip says:

          No, Don I was pointing out that when it says that your comment is awaiting moderation that maybe your comment is actually awaiting moderation. There is no sinister plot to filter your ramblings. Really. When you see this message again (and you will) why not wait patiently or perhaps refresh your browser window. In future, please try not to inflict your wild accusations on the rest of us. Not that this hasn’t been fun but a little crazy can go a long way.

          • don craig says:

            more than just a little full of yourself, Phillip..but very shallow. with the wild allegations and slurs.. no surprise.. i thought it was humourous that any post would have to await moderation after reading the Latvis diatribe.. I will try to dumb it down a little for you ..next time.

  27. david says:

    A little touchy I must say. Oh well maybe he has sunburn

  28. mauser98 says:

    I am scum

  29. Ian says:

    I can’t believe people like this are allowed out in public like that. Personally, I would probably punch him just for the fashion sense. And the ridiculous facial hair. Well, anytime he’s ready I’m always happy to put a nzi in the hospital.

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