07.20.2012 06:31 AM

Team Trudeau: a good start

I honestly don’t know if this column is true, but if it is, Trudeau’s lucky to have a guy like Butts in his corner. Gerald and I have worked together on McGuinty campaigns for about a decade, and he’s one the smartest guys in Canadian politics.

Like I say, a good start.


  1. JamesHalifax says:


    as long as Justin’s team doesn’t start calling for a ban on handguns…he may be considered a serious contender by some. (What was McGinty thinking???)

    • Ted H says:

      Well it’s about time someone called for a ban on handguns. No more of this bullshit about the rights of gun owners that has flooded the US with guns that are now spilling over into Canada. Balance the right to own guns against innocent bystanders right to live. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain in their fucking head that there are just too many fucking guns around. Some say the ban won’t work, maybe so but at least give it a try. No one needs to have a handgun.

      • JamesHalifax says:

        Ted H….thank you for spelling out the reason why folks who own firearms are opposed to any form of registry.

        People like you are perfectly willing to disregard the freedom of the individual and disregard for private property. Tell you what Ted, H……if the Government does confiscate everyone’s guns, and the gang-bangers still shoot the hell out of Toronto, what will you ban next?

        • Ted H says:

          Banning bullet headed gun freaks would be a good start. Freedom of the individual? Disregard for private property? What?? Maybe you would make better sausages than citizens.

        • Mike Foulds says:

          I don’t disregard the freedom of the individual or private property…has nothing to do with this issue in my mind. Handguns are designed to kill people. So are grenades, rocket launchers, machine guns, etc. I don’t want anyone owning them in my community. I can’t imagine why anyone who doesn’t want to kill people would.
          By all means own a rifle or shot gun and hunt. They are designed for hunting.

  2. Nic Coivert says:

    If he’s a chess player he’s one that keeps making the right moves, and he did this in January, so he’s thinking ten moves ahead as well.

  3. Kevin says:

    For the sake of his family, I hope he doesn’t run. For the sake of Canada, I hope he does.

  4. Michael Bussiere says:

    Regarding the weakness pointed out by Martin’s article, it’s important to remember Harper never ran anything either before becoming Opposition Leader. Correction: he did run Deborah Grey’s office. He did run the National Citizens Coalition, a 3-person office in Calgary whose mandate it is to bitch about taxes. How difficult were either of those assignments?

    • JamesHalifax says:

      I’m thinking it was a little more difficult than scheduling dress rehearsals for a part-time, substitute drama teacher.

      • Michael Bussiere says:

        Even Deb referred to Harper as “shallow”.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        It may have been more difficult only because planning the take over of democracy, starting with lawsuits against Election Canada while at the NCC has to be balanced with the prospects that one day you might be the PM who in fact uses government money to sue Elections Canada, then appoint its head, and defund, all the while looking pretty.

        Everyone loves the drama teacher.

        BTW, he was more than a drama teacher, so debase him all you want, you should at least do it with some facts here and there.

      • Bill Templeman says:

        Yo, James Dude! Ever taught anything to any age group? Ever worked as a substitute teacher? If you haven’t, give it a try. You’ll find out how easy it isn’t. Or are you one of those “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” types? I thought so. A great school teacher can change lives. Especially Drama. Can you change lives, James?

  5. !o! says:

    This is interesting, Butts is a great person to have on board.

    so far Justin’s media presence for the last several months re: leadership has the smell of a very very refined campaign. I kinda respect he may have not completely decided whether to officially run or not, but this doesn’t diminish the fact that he can gun as if he is and release those trial balloons.

    God are the Cons ever going to bleed seats and support. In Ontario. Leaving them with Alberta.

  6. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    I AM Certain that if James Halifax Took His Head Out Of His Ass Long Enough, He Might Just Want To Seriously Consider Cancelling His Membership In The Flat Earth Society Newletter !!

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