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Ford Follies, a continuing series

The best part of this story isn’t that The World’s Worst Mayor™ has all but conceded he’s going to be removed from office.

The best part is the accompanying photo. Caption contest!

27 Responses to “Ford Follies, a continuing series”

  1. WDM says:

    Every time I see a Rob Ford story, I feel like walking to City Hall and giving Jim Watson a hug.

  2. Chris says:

    You’re looking at a picture of a man who has nothing to lose.

  3. Matt says:

    At this point I just want the train wreck to stop. Not long ago I was visiting some friends who live in Camrose who like many in that neck of the woods are true blue on the conservative side. After the ‘What the heck were you guys thinking?’ conversation about our Mayor one made a pretty good point. The guy is actually bad for all Conservatives because he actually IS the stereotypes they want to avoid Ie. Stupid, selfish, detached, bigoted, homophobic, self-aggrandizing etc. He went on to say the best thing that could happen is if all the Cons here and elsewhere just disavowed him totally. Not a bad point.

  4. Skinny Dipper says:

    Mayor Rob Ford came back from his cottage for Slide Week.

  5. Rob says:

    “So that’s how sausage is made.”

  6. Lord Kitchener says:

    I am sorry:

    “Rob Ford tries out for the newly open positions at Marine Land”

  7. Robin says:

    Mayor counters charges of absenteeism and shirking his duties by launching new Stress Test Initiative to ensure safety of all city playground equipment

  8. deb says:

    Kids …Step away from the large wild animal, back away slowly and dont give him any eye contact! He will move on once he knows you aren’t food.

  9. JDK Philly says:


    Only Rob Ford visits a playground to find a wedge issue.

    After declaring slides radically progressive, Mayor Ford invents a new playground apparatus called a ‘stick’.

    “You don’t play well. That wasn’t meant for you. You’re going to ruin it for our kids. Get out.” What Rob Ford hears all day, every day, everywhere.

  10. Nic Coivert says:

    Caption: (obvious but how could it be otherwise?)

    “Oh Shit!”

  11. Greg says:

    “Mayor Ford rides along as the Tory Fiscal Auger ™ digs the economy a deeper hole”

  12. Michael Sage says:

    “To the people who say I’ve put Toronto on a’ downward-spiral’, I say”….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Matt says:

    Ease up there James. First, the man made his weight an issue by having weekly weigh-ins (with brother Doug) in an effort to lose some of the excess. There was even a big carnival like scale and the whole bit. He joked about it himself and unfortunately he failed very publicly. Gave up in a bit of a huff in fact. I’m not sure if you are in fact in Halifax or it’s just a name but many of us here in Toronto from all party stripes are simply tired of being made to look the fool by this man and those surrounding him. It’s a near daily circus of not exclusively political stupidity but is consistently absurd on all fronts. I am a Liberal, but if a progressive conservative with vision had a shot at beating him I would be there to help him/her do it. I also think a good number of PC’s would do the same for a Liberal to not have to wear this millstone that is this guy around their necks moving forward. This really isn’t as partisan as you think.

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