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Harper and God

Told you so. From one of the best reporters in this country, David Akin:

“You may have read elsewhere that Harper is secretly guided by Canadian Christian evangelicals and that his faith in Christ guides his political decisions. Ask any of the dozens who have worked closely with Harper over the last decade about this idea and you will be laughed at.

Harper has never looked to Jesus for advice on the economy, politics, or defence issues. You can, however, get Harper to change his mind if you write an essay with lots of footnotes from peer-reviewed academic journals.”


  1. Mike R says:

    Will the evangelicals still love him when they find out he’s an Ayn Rand Atheist?

    • Philip says:

      It resonates on a realpolitik level as well. Conservative Christians are simply one more wedge segment that makes up this current version of the Conservative Party. To be stroked when money and votes are needed and ignored there after. The fact that the new Office of Religoius Freedom has shut them up for the time being says more about their asking price than Harper’s belief system. Evangelical and conservative Christians aren’t going anywhere else. Their views and beliefs are just too far removed from mainstream Canadians.

      • que sera sera says:

        Here’s some of the asking price as granted by the Harper government:

        – $4.2 Million to the Newman Theological College
        – $3.2 million to Youth for Christ in Winnipeg
        – $192,000 to the world of Truth Christian Center
        – $495,600 to Wycliffe Bible Translators
        -$357,146 to Chakam School of the Bible Inc.
        – $198,951 to National Evangelical Spiritual Baptist Faith International Centre of Canada
        – $84,110 to Eastside Church of God
        – $2.9 million to Redeemer University College
        – $2.614 million to TrinityWestern University
        – $1,0 million to Global Kingdom Ministries Community Center, Toronto

        • Philip says:

          Where those tax breaks or out right taxpayer funded gifts to those churches and organizations you mentioned above? It’s a serious bit of money but on the issues conservative Christians say lie at the core of their beliefs, the door has been pretty emphatically slammed in their faces. It does look like a sterling example of typical Conservative greasy pork barreling, though. Another stick to beat the Crony Party with come election time.

          I’m quite happy watching conservative and evangelical Christians still playing Charlie Brown to Harper’s Lucy. If they keep throwing money and energy down this particular black hole, to little or no effect, that is fine by me.

  2. The prime minister belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical Protestant church. To date, Harper has refused to answer media questions about his beliefs or which groups inform them. It seems obvious that if he answered media queries about his minority beliefs (fewer than 10 per cent of Canadians call themselves evangelicals) he’d have to admit that he openly sympathizes if not endorses what’s known as “evangelical climate skepticism.” Which would explain all his recent cuts to the environment, attack on charities that show disent toward environmental destruction and scientific research in the budget.

    I like Dave personally but if that article you posted wasn’t a pure propaganda love note for Harper I don’t know what is. He’s trying to paint Harper the exact opposite way his critics do. Saying he wasn’t that into Bush (yet Harper wanted Canada to go to Iraq with Bush and he is quoted as saying in the Bush era that the Conservatives in the US are a “light to the world”). Calling Harper a small c conservative (Are you kidding me? Try Great Big C: Reform party, head of the NCC…Hello). Saying Harper is into Science (OMG what?! Cut PEARL, the ELA and 700 scientists from EC etc. etc.). He listens to academics? (oh my ribs! Yes he really supports our Universities and their research…NOT!). Harper turned a Liberal surplus into the biggest deficit in Canadian history and this article is nothing more than an attempt to make our soon to be declining economy all Europe’s fault. Harper will sell us to the highest bidder with this new “deal” he’s making with Europe. When Trudeau left office something like 71% of Canadian businesses were Canadian owned. When Mulroney left office that number had shrunk to just over 50%. What will it be when Harper leaves office? Ugh.

    • Stephanie Powers says:

      Seems to me that an evangelical Christian wouldn’t send out footsoldiers to shut down his own member (Woodworth) from wanting a debate on abortion. But that’s what Harper did. The guy loves power more than Jesus. You’re deluded about Harper.

  3. billg says:

    “refused to answer media questions about his beliefs”
    Welcome to Carolyn Weathersons Canada.
    Is it just me or does it sound alot like Pauline Marios’s new Quebec?
    Hate filled religious biggots all dressed up in progressive clothes.
    You people never cease to amaze me.

    • billg says:

      Nah…its all hate fueled religious bigotry.
      I can understand your dislike for the PM based on political decisions, but, if its not religious biggotry then why bring the mans religion into it? Do other leaders fall into your religious crusade when they make budget cuts or is it just this one?
      And, when exactly has the media ever asked questions about Harpers beliefs? I cant remember if they ever have because, unless he brings it up its really no ones business now is it?
      Well, other then you.

      • I think Jesus rocks and the Buddha too. You are clearly grasping at straws to defend Harper….David Akin is the one who brought up religion not me. I merely pointed out some rather obvious facts.

  4. billg says:

    It was actually Lawrence Martin who brought it up, David Aikin was disagreeing with Martin, and, said that Harpers religion has nothing to do with his decisions. And, exactly what facts did you bring up supporting your claim the Mr Harper should be made to disclose his religious beliefs? Do you have proof of Mr Harpers “evangelical climate skepticism”? Nah, you know you dont, but, it was fun to write wasnt it?
    And why was it fun to write? Because you dislike the PM. Fair enough. 60% of Canadians dislike this PM, but, very few tie it in with his religion.

    • I don’t know Mr. Harper personally. I dislike his appalling policies…I have nothing against the man. You are very manipulative and enjoy twisting people’s words billg. When did I say he should be made to disclose his beliefs? I simply stated the fact that he has refused to disclose when asked by the media. Trudeau had no problem saying he was a Catholic. Most leaders don’t try to hide their beliefs.

      • When was Harper ever asked about his religion by the media???

        • Elisabeth the prime minister is not very “media friendly” in general. He ignores many questions, this is just one of many. I remember when there was a controversy about cutting off funding to CIDA for the reproductive health of Afganistan women back in late 2010 and he was asked if his religious beliefs were influencing his policy then. When it comes to his stance on the environment he has been asked as well. I didn’t see the original article that Akin was countering. I mostly bristled at how Akin was attempting to create a picture of Harper that counters most of what the reality of his policies say about him. To pretend that Harper is supportive of science in this country is downright misleading. He has cut funding to too many programs and doesn’t pay attention to experts on the subject of climate change or the environment in general. He does listen to the corporations which is why personally I don’t think Harper is that influenced by religion. John McKay said it brilliantly, ” In my view Mr. Harper’s ideology has little to do with his faith and much more to do with his grand narrative which seeks to change the face of our nation. It seeks to play to those who wish to see us as a “warrior nation” rather than a conflict resolver; a nation that seeks vengeance rather than justice; a triumphalist nation rather than one merciful to the poor and disenfranchised. None of the foregoing can be found in the Christian & Missionary Alliance liturgy.”

  5. Alan McCreary says:

    According to the Canadian CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE STATEMENT OF FAITH , article 11: “The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and will be personal and visible.24 As the believer’s blessed hope, this vital truth is an incentive for holy living and sacrificial service toward the completion of Christ’s commission.25.” Why should Harper care about the environment when he believes the world is ending?

  6. billg says:

    Gettin’ all the oddballs today. Well Alan, do you believe the world will never end? Do you believe the Sun will burn forever? So, ya, eventually the world as we know it will come to an end, some believe better things await them after their world ends, does that bother you?
    You going to take pot shots at the Muslim faith and its beliefs too?
    Didnt think so.

  7. frmr disgruntled con, now Happy Lib says:

    “Harper will change his mind if you write an essay with lots of footnotes from peer reviewed academic journals”…..Hmm….guess he missed the ones on the folly of eliminating the Federal Govts Lake Research centre…..for the grand total saving of $2million a year……its estimated the centre will cost $50 million to close…..
    The environment has been getting the short shrift ever since “Dear Leader” took power…..as hes beholden to the oil patch and, sorry Mr. Kinsella, his fundamentalist Christian base(I mean, why worry when the second coming’s right round the corner?)

  8. Tim Sullivan says:

    What a bunch of pap!

    Harper fired the science adviser, appoints a minister of science who is a creationist, cans DFO and other researchers, terminates the long-form census, and mussels anyone who has a “Dr.” before his/her name … oh, and shadows those doctors to ensure they in fact do not speak on anything.

    I do not believe for a moment that a well footnoted article will convince Harper of anything. Footnotes are for losers!

    It can’t be his ideology. For a Conservative against tax increases and for a smaller government, he sure does not mind taxing me to give cuts to corporations and specifically to act for oil companies. He also sure increased the size of government AND the deficit, which he promises not to do.

    Science and learning ain’t his thing, and his ideology is so inconsistent, it hard to know where he stands. That leaves religion upon which to base one’s beliefs and world view. If he cannot explain is aversion to science and he won’t explain his religious beliefs, how are we to know what he bases his world-view on, and therefore understand his politics.

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