08.07.2012 10:34 AM

It wasn’t “frustration.” It was hate.

Headlines like this are sloppy and reckless. So too the inane police comments about “we might never know” what motivated the pig who killed innocent people in a place of worship.

He was motivated by hate, for Chrissakes. When he’s quoting the Fourteen Words to everyone (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”), his motives shouldn’t be too difficult to ascertain.

Oh, and by the way: ignorance about the motives and methods of the organized hate movement only assists the organized hate movement. Several law enforcement agencies need to get their heads out of their asses, here. They might just prevent some needless deaths, after all.


  1. Greg from Calgary says:

    I think it was a toxic mix of both and maybe even some mental issues. But even if frustration was there so what? I get frustrated at things but that doesn’t entitile me to project my own bad behavious onto others. Traffic is moving slow? Sucks to be me, there is no special rule that says I get to cut people off to get ahead. Or, in his case, set backs on life so what? It’s not the Sikhs fault. But no doubt hate was a bigs part of it. I’m sure he was saying “88” and “ZOG” and all the usual white power crap as he justified his hate crime.

  2. Philip says:

    Exactly. There is no mystery here, no guessing as to the killer’s motives. Fear and hatred of those who were different than him, drove this person to kill others in their house of worship.

  3. GPAlta says:

    Not to bring up gun control again, but why should someone who is not welcome in the army, and who has been arrested multiple times, and who has up to a decade of association with known terrorist organizations (which these groups should be designated as, if they aren’t already), why should that person be able to get and hold guns legally?

    • que sera sera says:

      It’s the American right for individuals to bear military grade weapons so when they are pissed off they can sport hunt their innocent fellow citizens going about their daily business shopping, worshiping in churches, going to the movies, driving on freeways, going to schools and university, etc.

      I’m surprised that the IRS has not yet received directives to allow a for personal body armour tax credit.

      I expect extreme right wing media organizations will continue to broadcast 24/7/365 their domestic demonization of whatever particular ethnic group the Americans imperialists plan to bomb overseas to the point that rampant ignorant bigotry & xenophobia will rain down upon domestically upon innocent brown Americans much like American bombs (some by proxy) rain down internationally on such locales as Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan amongst others.

      The military industrial complex is a hungry beast that needs to be fed, not only by its subservient political poodles but by its media lackeys. Apparently the collateral damage borne by American citizens is the price they pay for “freedom, democracy and the American way”.

      • Tim Sullivan says:

        Ask a “right to own arms” advocate like JamesHalifax. Apparently, “legally acquired” is all that is required for the gun to do no harm.

        I’m still waiting for an explanation from JamesHalifax what other uses a handgun can be put to, other than killing and target practice to kill.

  4. Ned says:

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”

    I don’t see anything wrong with that statement. Who could possibly disagree that all peoples of the world deserve to exist and that White children should have a future? Seems to me that only an anti-White would disagree with that.

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