08.11.2012 08:44 AM

Romney and Ryan

…like most conservatives, say they believe in “the dignity of human life.”

Unless, as someone observed this morning, you are a human who is poor or sick.


  1. Betty says:

    So true. Regarding Romney, is it just me or have others noticed how much Romney resembles Max Headroom ? The thought came to me as I was watching one of Romney’s speeches. Or, maybe, everyone else is too young to remember Max Headroom.

  2. Philippe says:

    The Dems will rightly set this up as a battle between the middle-class and the rich. This choice reinforces their argument. The rich will vote Republican, as they always do, but the Dems should sweep independents. What I know of Ryan is that everyone of his proposed budgets help the rich disproportionately.

    Should be an interesting campaign.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The last poll I saw had Romney with a comfortable lead among independents. However, that could change now that Obama has the Ryan Plan to work with! Talk about giving the Republicans hell with their own munitions.

      • Philippe says:

        The most accurate document out there in my opinion (even Karl Rove largely agreed with it) is this electoral map: http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/ecalculator#?battleground

        It shows that Romney has a hell of a hill to climb. What I don’t get about the Ryan pick is how it really helps him except for invigorating the conservative base, who are already in his corner by default. In my opinion, he needed to go after the Hispanic voters.. he had great VP options to enlarge his support base and didn’t take them.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          It seems that Team Romney actually believes that with Ryan on the ticket they can carry Wisconsin. I have no expertise to judge that move but I suspect the Democratic commercials in the state will be nothing short of murder for the Romney campaign.

          Like you I would have gone with a Hispanic — not necessarily Rubio — the problem being that Latinos are so pissed off with Romney’s position on immigration and lack of a generalized path to citizenship (amnesty) that choosing any Hispanic risked diluting Romney’s extremely hardline position. He’s about as far to the right as can be imagined and no Hispanic was likely to run with him unless he moderated. And he can’t do that without subjecting himself to the wrath of the Tea Party. If those folks sit home on election day, he hasn’t got a prayer. He is quite literally their indentured servant — at least until after the vote.

  3. deb says:

    max headroom was more charming and charasmatic:)

    and yeah Paul Ryan…its a choice that he hopes will get him elected…but I think they fail to understand how much PR damage Ryan’s medicare plan caused…though he is smarter then the average republican, I am hoping the dems can remind the electorate of what paul ryan wanted to over the next few years…and how negative it will be to the middleclass and the seniors.

  4. KP says:

    So they’ve got a Mormon and a Catholic who has been sharply rebuked by a group of nuns for his stances on Medicare being put forward as the representative for a group of mostly-Evangelical Christians. Kerry/Edwards all over again, except Edwards wants to starve your elderly grandma and Kerry doesn’t feel comfortable unless he’s in a room with other millionaires.

    • don craig says:

      and on the other side..we have obama, what was the name of that church in chicago with the completely rational pastor? as obama has distanced himself from that.,.. he has moved closer to his muslim brotherherd reality. thankfully this Canadian government realizes the value of Israel

  5. Unbelievably good pick for the Democracts.

  6. Dan says:

    Obama in a landslide.

    Literally the last hardcore Conservative constituency are old white guys. Ryan wants to end medicare and social security, which means that a LOT of them are up for grabs.

    We saw how quickly the Conservative numbers dipped when they raised the retirement age to pay for another year of tax cuts and oil subsidies.

  7. Iris Mclean says:

    Is the invasion of Iran going to happen in late October or early November?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Iris, I’m thinking what you’re thinking but basically it depends how much of a bump Romney gets with the Ryan pick. I expect a wash to negative if the Democratic electoral machine is as good as I expect. Failing that, if Obama remains roughly tied and fails to make further inroads with independents and moderates — sure, I wouldn’t put it past him — if all other political strategies fail to give him a rebound bounce, to see a pretext manufactured in short order to allow Americans to take some kind of military action against Iran. IMHO, invasion might be too dicey geopolitically speaking, but striking their nuclear installations, as spread out as they are, is indeed a distinct possibility under a desperate re-election scenario.

      I want Obama to win but not at any price. In short, not all ends justify the means.

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