09.24.2012 02:11 PM

“A bunch of pricks”

Five things about this:

1.  Calling supportive media organizations like the Sun “a bunch of pricks” is not highly strategic.

2.  These hillbillies are losing their minds in public. Seriously.

3.  A judge is still out there, reviewing Rob Ford’s conduct, and could decide to boot His Worship out of office.  That judge, like all judges, avidly reads newspapers.

4.  I do not know a single conservative who defends these guys anymore.

5.  I want one of those buttons, Vaughan.



  1. Tiger says:

    Here, I’ll defend Ford: he outsourced garbage collection in my area, and the transition is going about as smoothly as you could expect.

    Also, the reign of terror of the City Arbourist has come to an end — we’re not being harassed by that office anymore.

    So on substance, he’s probably got my vote again.

    These guys are hired hands; don’t have to hang out with them.

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      As I always suspected, it doesn’t take much for Ford supporters to vote for him “on substance.” Otherwise reasonable people I know backed Ford because of the $60.00 license fee without knowing another thing about him. That was the price for their vote. The problem with that is you end up with Tommy Shanks and his brother.

      You may have no problem being governed by lunatics. I do. The contempt this mayor and his brother show their constituents (Don’t reduce me to a mere taxpayer. I’m more than that), the office, the media, the truth, and to common decency leaves me breathless.

      • Tiger says:

        When someone else is willing to stand up on issues like that, my vote can move.

        But that hasn’t happened — instead, the rest of council has gotten even more into micromanagement, doing stuff like outlawing plastic bags.

        So there we are. I haven’t got a choice, I have to support the Fords. They’re nuts, but their policies are less nuts than the other side’s.

  2. wsam says:

    I live in the west end and so far the outsourced garbage has been terrible. And I mean terrible in the way garbabge collection can only be terrible. Inconsistent pick up. Which means you never know when to put out the garbage and when it sits out there too long the racoons and possums get at it. Which means there is a mess. Other than that, this is picking up garbage we are talking about, how hard can it be?

    As for Toronto’s trees. You still aren’t allowed to cut down trees on your property so I don’t know what your problem is (and you shouldn’t be allowed to cut down trees willy-nilly — which seems to be a chief complaint).

    Also. I live close to one of the city arteries Lordy Lord Fatarse, the world’s tubbiest mayor, drives down everyday. And he is going to hit someone. The guy pays no attention and is always reading and/ or texting. It’s really dangerous and some of the streets he drives down are very dense.

    He’s an embarrassment. Beyond the issue of him being totally incompetent.

    His whole persona is a lie. He claims to have been the CFO of his family’s sticker company. Bullshit!! Someone else did the work. This is a guy who barely got through high school.

    Then there is his ‘football’ thing. Did he ever actually play? On a team. Football is a team sport. You cannot claim to have been a hockey player if you never played on a hockey team. Playing football isn’t like track and field. You have to have been on a team. Its a team sport. I played football at the same time Ford was in high school and I don’t remember Cardinal Heights Institute of Technology (… CHIT … which was how it was referred to) having a football team. In Etobicoke, Richview had the good football team. CHIT was for misfit losers. I think it was a trade school. It appears he got his daddy to pay for him to go to expensive football camps, but he never actually made a real football team.

    • Warren says:

      Yep. I want to Carleton, and I knew the Ravens guys. I am told Rob was a bench-warmer. Not much more.

    • Michael says:

      Do you mean Scarlet Heights Institute of Technology? (SHIT) I attended high school in Etobicoke around the same time the Fords would have, and do not ever remember there being a Cardinal Heights.

      • wsam says:

        Yes. That was what I meant. I had the name wrong. I played football in that hotbed of sophistication and culture, North Brampton, and we sometimes made it down to play teams in Etobi-Coke and Mississuaga and I didn’t remember SHIT having a team. (Like most people I knew the school through the acronym only. Your teen years are not the most mature).

        Did Scarlet Heights have a football team?

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      I wonder what kind of role model he is anyway, whether he can play football or not. He has been sucessful in politics because he is NOT a team player, if by sucess I mean winning elections. His government is not well excuted, but that might be beside the point.

      I wonder about him as a coach qua role model. He drinks and yells at a hockey game, lies about it, then fesses up. Fessing up is not required if he had not lied abotu first. Doesn’t he have a DUI in Florida, or some kind of pot charge? Didn’t he take a reporter’s phone from him had break it, or use it? Didn’t he use office supplies and staff for non-office stuff? If I can’t trust him with the letterhead, what else is there I can’t trust him with? His weight-reduction is not going well. He set himself up for a fall because he did not know his limitations. He is his own worst enemy.

      I don’t want my kids to view a guy like this as a model. I want my kids to avoid trouble in the first place and know themselves well.

  3. wsam says:

    Embarassing for me. I was wrong about the school. Scarlett Heights Collegiate Institute (SHCI). I don’t remember it having a football team. But then I did remember the name as being completely different, with a feces-based acronym. Sometimes it is better to fact check before ranting, not after.

  4. Mr. Murdoch esq. says:

    I didn’t vote for Ford- a practice I shall continue. But Adam Vaughan’s head is too big to get through the double wide front doors at City Hall. His arrogance is just too much for me. I want you to run please.

    • Warren says:

      I thought you liked me!

    • TDotRome says:

      As if there is a publicly visible politician without a big head. Arrogance is a common trait. If Adam Vaughn is arrogant AND does a good job, I’d vote for him.

      Btw, I generally think people call other people arrogant when they are actually just smarter. Not saying you, Mr. Murdoch. But, Vaughn is kinda smart. Lots of people hate smart. Personally, I want a guy smarter than me at city hall.

      But I’m just a dumb schmuck.

  5. David says:

    It’s refreshing to have someone call the 4th estate out ..I’m with Doug on this one.The sun ran 6 stories at the same time about his daughters tweets.Hardly what I would call supportive.I think most Toronto residents are sick of peeping tom journalists and CBC types like Off.Since before he took office the media have been relentless in their attacks.Good for the Fords for refusing to kowtow.

    • M-J says:

      Too hard to drive the minivan, juggle the jumbo double-double and tap on the Blackberry to use proper spelling and grammar, eh Doug?

    • wsam says:

      Are you kidding? The guys are a train-wreck made out of ill-chosen words.

      They are rich-kid bullies, and who doesn’t like watching rich-kid bullies get the what for? It’s better than watching the cops pepper-spray a bunch of smarny bicycle activists.

    • Philip says:

      I’m equally positive that most voters in Toronto would like an adult to govern their city, rather than a spoiled man-child who is plainly out of his depth. The Toronto media is doing it’s job by holding public office holders to account. I had no problem with the Sun’s reporting on David Miller. Why should Rob Ford get a pass? Because he is a Conservative? That’s not how it works. Rob Ford is not a victim here. He worked very hard to get a job it turns out he is incapable of doing. Incompetence isn’t a defence, or creates a victim, it’s a reason to be fired.

  6. Jordyn m says:

    I may be but a simple backwoods Alberta bumpkin, but I cannot believe that Rob fuckin’ Ford is the mayor of Toronto.

    Actually, after living here for almost three years, I can. This city gets the political leadership it deserves.

  7. Mom says:

    An ode to gravy and pricks…..

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no truths at all
    No light shining in our hallways
    Media whiners, leave us kids alone
    All and all you ‘re just more pricks on the wall

    Wrong? We’d do it again.
    If we can’t find the gravy, then we’ll look for the meat. Get in line though while we serve the elite.
    You! yes you, tear down those bike lanes, no one works harder than us!
    All and all you’re just more pricks on the wall!

    You little sucky, kids, you pathological liars
    All and all you’re just more pricks on the wall.

    Maybe, just maybe it’s time to resign…..

  8. Brad Young says:

    One article on the Star site, Rob claims the trip to Chicago will create 1000’s of jobs in Toronto. That’s utter nonsense, does he even believe what he says? If he doesn’t I think I could have some respect, but if really thinks that trip will create a bunch of jobs, he is delusional.

  9. Brad Young says:

    One other thing, point 4,you are wrong. Our prime minister likes the fords, they go fishing together.

  10. michael dawe says:

    So Warren, what do you REALLY think about the Fords 🙂

  11. Conservative Socialist says:

    I had a friend from Toronto stay at my house in Calgary for a few months so that she could get settled before she found her own place. I prodded and teased her that Toronto had elected a ‘teabagger’ mayor while we here in Calgary were more sophisticated because we had a cosmopolitan and multicultural mayor 🙂 She kind of rolled her eyes–her opinion of Ford wasn’t all that much anyway.

    I only know of the antics of Rob Ford from what Warren posts here, being that I don’t have the good fortune of living in the Center of the Universe(tm). He could be as bad as they all say, I don’t know. That he was elected in the first place, was probably due to a perfect storm of the right circumstances. This blustering proverbial bull-in-a-china-shop must have seemed like a breath of fresh air. The voters had the chance to give the middle finger to a long line of egghead technocrats who believed they were saving the plebeians from themselves. So I totally understand the sentiment.

    As for point #3, I think that to remove an elected official over a technicality is not something to do lightly. It’s overturning the results of an election which will have the appearance of disenfranchising the electorate. So if Rob Ford is really that bad, he can be removed by democratic means in the next election.

  12. wsam says:

    Nobody works harder or does more for Black Youth in the City of Toronto than Rob Ford.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      How exactly, by setting a good example?

      • wsam says:

        That’s what Rob’s brother Doug said when reporters dared question his brother’s use of city staff to help run his football practices.

        He should quit and become a full time high school football coach. But of course no high school could actually hire him because he couldn’t get through University, let alone get his MA in Education. So he’s stuck volunteering.

        If he wasn’t such an idiot he could get a job at a private school. But most private schools do not have the budget for a stand-alone athletic director, let alone someone who can only coach one sport and not even lead a class. Maybe UCC, but the parents who send their kids there are never going to accept Rob Ford as coach. I think SAC made it to the metro bowl last year. UCC and similiar schools cost up to 50K (boardering); they expect their kids to win games. Learn. Build character. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Not be yelled at by some oaf.

        Nope. Rob Ford is stuck volunteering for whatever school will take him. Which means he needs another job. It’s either politics or go back to the family business. Or, what was that other activity he has been accused of being involved with?

        Dealing Rugs? There is always rugs.

  13. wsam says:

    I don’t want anyone to accuse me of pulling a Wente. So let me correct myself.

    Scarlett Heights Collegiate Institute in the 80’s (It is now called Scarlett Height Entrepreneurial Academy) had a Football team called ‘The Raiders’ and, yes, according to my sources, Rob Ford played on the team. Good for him.

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