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Canada Live, Sept. 19: Who speaks for Canada? Not Harper or Mulcair

With more CPC and NDP cowardice here.

12 Responses to “Canada Live, Sept. 19: Who speaks for Canada? Not Harper or Mulcair”

  1. Glen says:

    It’s so true. Angry Steve and Angry Tom look like puppy dogs on this one.

    • Np says:

      Not so much puppies; one doesn’t want to bloody the shark tank and the other genuinely could not give a good god damn what happens in Quebec. While I may personally disagree with their silence and would love to see a politician yell and scream on my behalf, their silence is very understandable. Removing the flag was a petulant move from a petulant leader of a petulant party.

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    Marois took the flag down to provoke outrage. Don’t give it to her. Ignore her. Why fall for the ploy?

    • Warren says:

      Because it matters. Because some things are worth standing up for.

      This is one of them.

    • Aaron E. Steele says:

      I agree with your assessment Eric, the best strategy is to ignore the provocation. The worst strategy is the one proposed by James Halifax. The provincial Liberals and CAQ are doing just fine, pointing out the absurdity and pettiness of removing the flag. None of the federal parties should comment.

  3. the salamander says:

    well props to you WK .. defending the flag and most graciously and eloquently at that..
    .. and looking after nuance too.. symbolism and the subtle principals
    You were an exceptional exception … and gawd knows we need more of that attribute..
    in every province, every territory, every nation .. every heart … of Canada

  4. mike says:

    i voted in an advanced poll last federal election
    the two flags flying over the ballot boxes were the mapleleaf and the stars and stripes
    and currently nobody is speaking for the good of canadians

  5. Philip says:

    Don’t be too hard on Harper, it’s not like he ever had a vision of Canada anyway. It’s tough to talk about something you can’t or won’t understand.

  6. Michael says:

    I believe what we had then was a failure to communicate.

  7. Tim Sullivan says:

    If he has a vision, it has not been well articulated.

    If he is just showing us, well, what I’ve seen is – not getting a seat on the Security Council – not being considered for membership in the Asian countries trade group – filling the prisons we do not close – unconstitutional senate reform – unconstitutional criminal law reform – ignoring the science in climate, the environment, in demographic change – spending like no one has before – reducing the accountability mechanism – attacking public servants and independent officers of parliament – reducing the tools of democracy and democratic accountability – reducing the accountability of government through rule changes and undemocratic behaviour in parliament – support for big business and sticking it to the poor, the seniors – imposing ridiculous and meaningless tax credits –

    And more, much more. So what is the vision, JamesHalifax? If Harper doesn’t articulate. why don’t you? And tell us the parts you agree with.

  8. Tim Sullivan says:

    He accepted a part-time gig at Harvard, and teaches at the UofT. Tell me again how this is leaving Canada.

    I’m sure you refused several invitations to teach at Harvard. Not everyone can afford to ignore the job offer. Iggie, slumming it at Harvard. And we still have JamesHalifax making shit up here.

  9. Tim Sullivan says:

    I think there is more to life than the economy. I think there is more that government can do than things economic. I don’t think the government has a lot of tools available in a free enterprise system to deal with the economy.

    And if the debt and deficit we have, heading into this mess of an economy was caused by Harper (it was), perhaps less thought on the economy would be a good thing for us.

    The Liberals managed things economic piles better than “can’t make a surplus if I tried” Flaherty and whatever qualifications that other guy has — what is that, a B.A. without every creating a job or meeting a payroll.

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