09.27.2012 01:07 PM

Breaking! Exclusive! Forgive me for repeating myself about repeating myself

This pollster is the same pollster that called Alberta and Quebec wrong – big time.

Trudeau-maniacs, don’t start measuring the drapes at Langevin Block just yet, okay? ┬áThere’s a long, long way to go.


  1. Bluegreenblogger says:

    yeah, I saw that too. They published results for decided voters intentions. Yet again they fail to disclose undecideds. It is a waste of time, but it will generate a few headlines I am sure, which of course is what it is intended to do.

  2. Kelly says:

    I think the dateline is supposed to be April 1st.

    But it does hint at how much our system has shifted to a presidential system in the minds of voters. Constitutionally it’s not supposed to be that way and I just wish we got a PM one time who took steps to weaken the PMO — instituting proportional representation would be a good start. So would returning to our former tradition of having the caucus select the party leaders — as is still done in Oz.

    • Sean says:

      “But it does hint at how much our system has shifted to a presidential system”

      – exactly right. What this shows is that no one gives a damn anymore about policies, issues, “thinkers conferences” and the like. Our Federal Elections are distinguished from an elementary school Student Council Election by nothing more than legal technicalities.

    • !o! says:

      You’d think proportional representation would be a vote winner wouldn’t you. It’s been mentioned in platforms on all parts of the spectrum. *shrugs* People tend to get cold feet once they hold the reins I guess.

      • steve says:

        Thats a winning platform if explained properly. It works in Europe, and Australia, even Israel which may be the best case against it. Maybe just run off elections or a system where you indicate your second choice could do the trick. If I was Dalton McGinty, I would be passing it now.

  3. Darlene Albert says:

    Trudeau reminds me of a big kid…I have met him enough times to see that hes a bon vivant but not quite there with leadership capabilities and for sure will NOT beat Harper in the next election.

    • JamesF says:

      Most likely not, although stranger things have happened (I mean the Tories once went from Majority government to two seat opposition party). Realistically, while the goal is always beat Harper, I think the more reasonable expectation should be reclaim official opposition status or at the very least a significant seat improvement.

  4. JamesF says:

    I tend to believe that polls this far out from the expected election date to be worth less then the paper they’re printed on. Having said that it’s still better to be ahead then behind.

  5. The federal Tories will lose eventually, of course, but I don’t see Trudeau being the Liberal leader to do it on his first try. As a conservative, I see the need for a robust Liberal party to create a buffer (and sometimes lead) between the socialist wing of the progressives and the government of Canada. If it takes having Trudeau as leader of the Grits to ensure this, then so be it.

  6. andy says:

    Doesn’t really need to actually defeat Harper- reducing him to a minority would do the job fine- and that is very, very possible.

  7. John Matheson says:

    Whoever leads the Liberal Party has a good shot at holding the Conservatives or the NDP down to a minority. For that reason alone, this race is worthwhile. Trudeau might bring back a lot of greying Trudeauphiles who went NDP since about 2004. Personally, I think Leblanc would be a better administrator, but if Trudeau wins the leadership, he would have many backers and advisers. I think the Tories have taken the Blue Liberal and fiscal conservative voters for granted, and with that abortion stunt the opportunities are good for the Liberals.

  8. !o! says:

    Well, both polls (Environics and Forum-if-JT-was-leader) have CPC support at 31. That’s a number I can feel good about.

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