09.05.2012 07:14 AM

I’ll never diss Hummers again

When we heard this story on CBC this morning, we all got a bit sniffly. This guy is a hero – and in a Hummer, no less!


  1. John says:

    Wow. Fast thinking. Give that man a medal.

  2. Conservative Socialist says:

    I drive a small car that gets me 40 MPG. I admit that I always have a grin on my face when I pull up to the gas station and pay a pittance compared to the guy or gal who has a Hummer.

    I wouldn’t legislate Hummers away or anything like that–the more gas they guzzle, the more they effectively pay in taxes anyway. And you need trucks and large vehicles to haul stuff, anyhow.

  3. Tired of it All says:

    Guy’s a hero. Straight up. And the presence of mind to secure the kids, first, then check the other driver – unassisted, it seems.

  4. dave says:

    Other driver was on his cell phone? I wonder if there is a regulationon this in Alberta? We have a law in BC, but I, a pedestrian usually, see a fair number of people roll by using a cell phone while driving…and they do look to be concentrating on hte cell phone call.

    • Greg from Calgary says:

      Yes there is a distracted driving law against cell phone use, texting shaving etc while driving. Hands free cell use is legal.

    • Darren says:

      Alberta has had Distracted Driver laws in effect for a year. Text/Phoning while driving is still common, it’s not well enforced. The real test will be what kind of sentence the other driver will get. If all he gets is a fine or a slap on the wrist, you can pretty much toss the Distracted Driver legislation into the garbage.

      • Michael Watkins says:

        The driver is a hero; it doesn’t matter what he drives.

        BC’s distracted driver legislation isn’t working well enough. Maybe there are fewer people using cell phones in-hand, but there are certainly plenty still using them in-hand.

        Whatever gains in good behaviour the new legislation brought about are being steadily lost as enforcement just isn’t being done often enough to drive home the point.

  5. Riaz Khan says:

    As a father of two young boys, I could imagine what could have happened. This just shows you that there are more good and decent people in the world than the bad and evil. Even all the troubles in the world, I for one, have never lost trust in human beings and their capacity to do good. May God bless you and your loved ones….

  6. Ted H says:

    There are laws in most provinces against cell phone use while driving but there are still plenty of idiots around who ignore them. The moron in this case should never drive again, he almost murdered those children. My wife saw a man in his 60’s on his cell phone and as they pulled up to a traffice light side by side, she shook her finger in a good natured way to indicate he shouldn’t do that. His response was to give her the finger. Idiots, morons, classless shit heads, take their phones and their keys away, give them a bike with flat tires.

  7. T.W says:

    What he did was quick thinking and selfless, and for that he should be applauded.
    And if his Hummer is beyond repair and must be scrapped, then I call that a win-win.

  8. Mike says:

    Just wait until his insurance company reads the news and refuses to repair his vehicle…..

    • mark mclaughlin says:

      Had the very same thought. I was an adjuster years ago and the policy excludes deliberate actions that cause damage. Putting yourself willingly in the path of a speeding car would qualify. Let’s hope the adjuster doesn’t catch on or deliberately ignores that bit. At the very least I would expect this guy would get some citizen support if he gets denied.

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