09.29.2012 08:12 AM

In tomorrow’s Sun: Conservative assassins, take heed

This week, Ottawa-based media were in a frenzy over the prospect of a Justin Trudeau Liberal leadership bid. It was a revelation that really wasn’t one. But it portends a return of the CRG assassins, and soon.

Stephen Harper, as some of his former aides have publicly acknowledged, has long been obsessed with destroying the Liberal Party of Canada. He wants to grind the once-great party’s bones into dust, and cast it to the winds. As such, Harper sees the Grits continued existence as unfinished business.

That’s not all. Many Conservatives are wary about the prospect of a rejuvenated Liberal party. Justin Trudeau (who possesses charisma, charm, fisticuffs and a storied political name) and Marc Garneau (who possesses the best CV on the Hill, military honours, and was a national hero when he became the first Canadian in space) are a real and present danger to Conservative hegemony.

With discipline and drive, either likely leadership contender could wrest Official Opposition status away from Mulcair — and power, four years after that, from Harper. That is why it is in the collective interest of both the Conservatives and the New Democrats to commence muddying Trudeau and Garneau’s reputations and records. Much is on the line.

In the coming months, then, you will be told — over and over — that Justin Trudeau is a lightweight (he isn’t), that he lacks maturity to be a national leader (he doesn’t), that he is all sizzle, and no steak (the jury’s still out on that one).

If Garneau takes the plunge — and many Liberals pray that he does — the Con and Dipper opposition research apparatchiks will have a far tougher time mining for dirt. Garneau is not merely a fine Parliamentarian — he is one of the finest Canadians of his generation.


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    bluegreenblogger says:

    Good column. yes things are getting interesting again.

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    Reality.Bites says:

    I think just about the worst thing they could come up with on Garneau is that he isn’t terribly exciting. And if my party was led by Stephen Harper I wouldn’t want to go there.

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    dave says:

    Seems odd to me: This column says that a corporate group, CRG, trashes individuals. Would it be useful to name exactly the individuals in the CRG, so that there is a level playing field between frat boy hucksters and hustlers in CRG and leadership candidates?
    Interesting, too, how the column starts by attributing wonders to a Conservative group, but then conflates that Conservative group with the ND’s. But, the past decade has shown us that conflation works too.
    I notice the news people decided not to run the photo of the persons who are now candidates for the Lib leadership, but to run photos of persons the news people favour.

    What lingers for me is that the orginal Conservative minority in 2006 happened when the upper echelons of our national police meddled in the campaign(income trust horse apples)…and a suspicion that subsequent elections have been marred by anti democratic voting day tactics.

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      Philip says:

      Not a bad idea. I’m sure I’m not the only who is curious to know exactly who makes up the CRG. If they can pass judgement on others, certainly they should have no issue with the scrutiny of those they judge.

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    frmr Disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    I certainly hope that M. Garneau runs…..and based on his CV alone, he no doubt would be a most capable leader, and someone who will give the obvious front runner, M. Trudeau….a run for his money….
    I do recall, however, that certain pundits questioned the age of Bob Rae as a being a hindrance to his electability, when only a year separates himself and M. Garneau……
    Ex-astronaut’s fitness levels notwithstanding, M. Garneau will be nigh 70 by the time the Liberal Party can possibly return to power…..
    As somone middle aged…..I dont doubt that M. Garneau “has the right stuff”(sorry)….but I do question how he will be received by the younger generation……the ones we so desperately need to motivate to be involved in the process and to vote in a general election….

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Excellent analysis. Bang on. They are not in power due to the outstanding attributes of this Prime Minister. Stephen Harper has his strengths and even some qualities but put together they are certainly not in my judgment enough to propel the machine forward to all but certain victory in 2015. The CPC recognizes that — hence the deliberate and priority emphasis on destroying every opposition leader who is assessed as a credible threat to the Conservatives’ hold on power.

    With that in mind, we will likely see a new high in low. The shitting puffin was tame compared to what may be coming. Every serious potential leadership candidate knows that and had better have prepared him or herself accordingly. The undeclared war is on and no prisoners will be taken, much less spared.

    They stay in power by tearing down — a process that thus far has worked exceedingly well for them. Going negative keeps them in office. What does that say about those of us who willingly buy into this dishonest manipulation? If it says we get the government we deserve, then we sure as hell have.

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      Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Ronald……you do realize that Ignatieff was the one who handed the Liberals the puffin story when he said that the Liberals were like the puffins in burying their garbage don`t you?

      Secondly, the CRG learned everything they know from “The War Room”. Hmmm. Wonder who wrote that. 🙂

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:

        Elisabeth Lindsay,

        Thank you.


        The more I read Warren’s contributions here and many of the comments, the more I come to realize how little I actually know. (My poor ego…)

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      Ron says:

      Read WK’s Fight the Right where he has a searing critical analysis of Dion and Ignatieff—and how Harper’s “Tim Horton” contrived persona wins for the Conservatives. Slamming the Conservatives may make you feel good, but Warren provides a deeper insight into political leadership imagery and how Liberals have dropped the ball badly.

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    Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    RONALD O’Dowd, I concur with your : Harper has his strengths and even some qualities … & So Does an AMOEBA … Harpers REAL Talents are too few to List.

    OH What The Heck, I’ll Give It A Go Anyway : HARPER Is Ruthless, Duplicitous, Vindictive, Mean Spirited, and Possesses A Willingness To Win At All Costs, Bordering on the Psychopath Profile … It Is Debatable As To If All Of These Can Be Called True STRENTHS At All, Especially IN THE MEDIUM – LONG Terms.

    In Addition Harper has surrounded himself with His Own Hand Selected Lackeys, Yes People & Light Weights (in many ways the Harp’s Candidate Recruitment Model is very similar to that of a Canadian Tire Retail location) That Make His Caucus Much Easier To Manipulate & Control; allowing the Harp To Have A large Cast Of (almost hypnotised) Wrecking Crew Types Wandering Parliament Hill, All The Time. Once Again A Questionable Strength.

    Harpy’s Weaknesses Include : A Pathetic Inability To Speak To Canadians, In Anything Resembling A Compelling Manner; an Inability To Inspire With A Positive Vision, Due To His Natural Tendency To Be So Dull & Boring; and a Profound Inability To Speak To An Audience That Has Not Been Pre-Selected From An Already Behaviour Modified Pool, Of Quasi Supporters. LONG STORY SHORT, VERY MUCH LIKE A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF NEO-CON HARPER-CONS … STEVE Judas HARPER DOES NOT JUST SUFFER FROM LOW EMPATHY… HE SUFFERS FROM NO EMPATHY, Whatsoever !!

    If A Qualified Medical Practitioner Were To Look Closely into the Eyes Of The Harps So-Called Supporters That He Has Surrounding Him In Every One Of His CLOSED CAPTIVE AUDIECE Videos, During Election Campaigns, They Would Clearly Conclude An Unnatural Stressed Demeanor … And This States The Condition Lightly.

    For someone like me (who grew up in a political family, has been engaged as a candidate (municipal) twice, studied & observed politics & people my whole lifetime and possesses a healthy dose of empathy and altruism for my fellow man & woman), It Is My Humble & Modest Opinion That JUSTIN TRUDEAU With Alot Of Hard Work & Heavy Lifting … Along With His Brother SACHA, His Most Wonderful Mom MARGARET, His Super Terrific Wife SOPHIE and Justin’s Extended Family & Network Of Friends
    CAN / WILL (on something resembling a level playing field) KICK THE Collective Arses Of Steve Stupid Harper And His Whole Crew Of Crooked Crook HarperCons REALLY, REALLY GOOD !!

    Earlier today, I was looking at a National Post Pic, attached to an article written by their Michael Den Tandt | Sep 28, 2012 8:52 AM ET | Last Updated: Sep 28, 2012 11:09 AM ET


    The Caption On This Pic Was : “Can blue-sweater Harper compete with Justin, Margaret and Xavier” … Having Pondered This Question With Every Sinew Of My Intelligent, Informed, Caring, Concerned Canadian Being, I Respond With : YES THEY CAN … YES HE CAN and YES WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, In a Manner Consistent With The Collective Best Interests Of All Canadians !!

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      Peter says:

      The problem with you Harper-haters, Dennis, is you have spent six years mainly talking to other Harper-haters about how you hate him even more than you thought you did and imagining that if folks who never liked him or would vote for him to save their mothers got angrier and angrier at him with each passing day, the collective bile would somehow translate into more votes for your guys. Here’s a tip for you and Justin: If you do hope to supplant him and steal votes from him, you may want to confront the hard reality that he has definite strengths and enjoys considerable respect as a leader. In fact, he’s more popular than his party and government. If you can’t see or accept that, you may discover too late there is a disconnect between you and a large part of the electorate.

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        que sera sera says:

        It is a grotesque misrepresentation unilaterally labeling people “Harper haters”.

        While Harper collects legitimate criticism like a dryer collects lint, he is much too insipid & banal to inspire any real emotion other than pity.

        He is & forever will be the vindictive chippy outsider unwisely choosing to wield temporary power, borrowed authority, & other’s resources in grandiose schemes to retaliate for every slur and slight (real or imagined) he has experienced. The tragically sad & spiteful vision of a perennial bitter loser in the social contests of life.

        Harper is not hated, he is pitied and pitiful – an emotionally agoraphobic basketcase, with a social IQ in the single digits, hiding in the Conservative closet behind vetted minders, well paid spokespersons, and PMO endorsed “groupies”, terrified that democracy & Canadians will finally get a peek behind the door.

        This ain’t Kansas anymore, Toto.

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      Ron says:

      Please read WK’s Fight the Right and you may change your opinion of Harper and the supremely devious Conservative backroom handlers. Your personal feelings about Harper may be valid for you, but in the war of politics Harper comes out the winner. WK’s book is painfully objective about Liberal past failures, and possible future problems. Read it.

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    Brad Young says:

    Just a thought, I suspect that if Harper ever feels he will lose an upcoming election, he will resign.

    Bullies never fight when they are going to lose.

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      Ron says:

      I believe it was Mulcair who told the NDP party members that Harper could pull the plug on his government in 2014 and ignore his own legislation for an October 2015 mandatory election. Since the Opposition do not command a majority coalition they would be forced into a premature election.

      Why would Harper do this and be accused of breaking his own rules? Simple, he would ask Canadians for another early vote of confidence just as Chretien did and won big. Harper may be devious, but he’s not stupid—unless Canadians vote against him and turf him out.

      I suspect that Harper admires Chretien’s political acumen even though Harper took the brunt of it too.

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