09.11.2012 01:16 PM

Iran: get ready

I suspect it’ll happen any day, now.


  1. dave says:

    It would be such a waste of years of false propaganda, deliberate mistranslations, ignoring of evidence, repetition of vilifications, covert sabotage and assassinations, pay offs to regional “friends,” and massing of weaponry if the Anglosphere did not now attack Iran, destroy lots of property, and cause a lot of injuries and deaths.
    Maybe Canada, standing tall on the international scene, can contribute usefully ot this aggression.

  2. John Mraz says:

    Not before the US election mind you . . .


  3. Philip says:

    Terrific. Intelligence reports from both Israel and the U.S.??!! Why, it just has to be true! I’m suddenly having flashbacks to 2002-2003. I didn’t like how the original turned into a horrific train wreck and I can’t see the sequel turning out any different.

  4. Jon Powers says:

    I don’t disagree. Terrible mistakes (or deliberate or not) were made in the past, and the public was misled. But, can you agree that we could be in a dire situation if an openly hostile country such as Iran accumulates a nuclear arsenal?
    Lucky for me, I have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shelter. It can double as a Nuclear War Bunker. It also acts as my cantina. Keeps my beer cold

  5. Mulletaur says:

    As Bob Baer says, we need to start treating Iran as a rational state. That will eventually include accepting Iran as a nuclear power, even if that is not their short term goal.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Israel can’t reasonably do the job. No wonder Netanyahu has cranked up the P.R. machine. At least Canada is on board without suitable aircraft or bunker busters. A comfort that — but for whom.

    Please Uncle Sam, please pretty please.

  7. Greg from Calgary says:

    Tell me, who has Iran attacked, invated or worked towards overthrowing/messing their gov’t in the last century? Iraq? Nope. Vietnam? Nope. Chilie? Nope. Cuba? Nope. Guatemala? Nope. Iran itself? Nope. Honduras? Nope.

    • dave says:

      In his book TALIBAN, from about 12 years ago, Ahmed Rashid describes how when the Taliban were taking over larger swaths of Afghanistan, they attacked the Hazari people, a mostly Shia people, in Western Afghanistan, with great violence. The Taliban occupied the area and instituted a reign of terror and atrocity. Iran massed troops on their border with Afghanistan and got the Taliban to back off their repression of the Hazari. Rashid does not mention whether or not anyone else did anything, or even gave a a hoot about the Hazari people at that time.

    • TimL says:

      Um Greg, “who has Iran attacked/terrorized/messed with in the last few years?” How about Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and plenty of countries that have had terrorist attacks on Isrealis on their soil (Bulgaria, Argentina, etc).
      Not exactly pure as the driven snow.

      • Greg from Calgary says:

        No they are not. But they have messed with other gov’ts far less that the USA. Further, look at Iranian history. Imagine you head up a country that experienced the following since 1950:

        * Had your democratically elected gov’t overthrown by a superpower so they could control and profit from your natural resources.
        * Same superpower which preaches freedom installs a dictator (a shah aka king which is rich given the Superpowers pride in getting rid of their king)
        * When you overthrow the dictator finally you are attacked by your neighbour. And the same superpower helps arm your neighbour with WMD’s which are used on you.
        * Superpower shoots down one of your airliners.
        * Superpower invades your neighbour on false pretences.
        * Superpower threatens to bomb you and arms an enemy to the teeth for the same job.

        No Iran isn’t pure, but unless we are willing to, for a moment, see the world from their experiences where scores of them have died at the hands of the USA then we will rush into a war that won’t solve anything. Further, given all that I listed if I was Iran I’d build nukes to defend myself. The country threatening you outspends then next top 10 militaries combined. Iran cannot defeat the USA is conventional combat; they only need to look at what happened to Iraq.

  8. Philippe says:

    The sad thing is, Israel and the US have lost all credibility. Nobody will believe them, thanks to the criminal Bush gang.

  9. david says:

    don’t ask who
    don’t ask why
    have another slice of liar pie
    now get out and die
    for the company store
    and try to pretend it ain’t about oil.

  10. Pete says:

    The Iranians are run by “goon squad” which are the internal security forces loyal the Ayatollah. Even he is afraid of them because they have amassed so much power and money. So, it might take a violent reaction to stem their pwer and have the iranian people turn on them as they could do under the protection of foreign muscle power.

  11. Kelly says:

    Iran would never use nukes against Israel; it would be suicidal. This is all total bullshit. Bibi is inserting himself in the US election because he dislikes the way Obama disses him. Israel has dozens of nukes. It doesn’t want any other country in the region to have them because they are a tiny country surrounded by enemies and they need to project overwhelming force or risk being overrun by other countries some day. They are understandably paranoid that being said, religious intransigence on all sides is setting us up for hell on earth. It’s total lunacy. If there is a war and somehow Canada gets involved, we will have nothing to say for ourselves. The only possible benefit is that it might help us get rid of the cons. No money for adult literacy, but billions for war and American arms dealers. Utterly immoral.

  12. Bluegreenblogger says:

    I don’t know what to make of the expulsion of Iranian diplomats, and the closure of the Canadian Embassy. If war is truly on the way, then it brands Canada as second only to Israel as Irans enemy at this moment. The consequences of that could be truly terrible. Iran has a population of about 75 million. They have China in their corner for obvious reasons, and Japan has to be crapping their pants over the possibility of Gulf Oil being denied to them whilst simultaneously mothballing all their nuclear plants. They will be forced to take an active interest. Think about that for a moment. A staunch US and Canadian ally in Asia, Japan, will probably be FORCED to go their seperate way, with dire consequences for all of the Pacific rim.
    Iran stuck it out through a horrific war with Iraq, that cost them over a million dead. Do not expect them to act any differently when at war with the Great Satan himself. Iran has a whole lot of capabilities even if they do not (yet) have nukes. If war is coming, it will last for decades. Oil prices will double, or more, once the straights of Hormuz are closed, which WILL cause the worst economic depression ever. Nothing could unify their populace behind the Mullahs more effectively than an attack on Iran by either Israel, or the US. The US is hobbled by their War debts from the Iraqi idiocy, and does not have the fiscal capacity to fight a much bigger, and longer war against Iran. It is not a very good idea to start a war when you do not have the capability to see it through to victory. Israel will condemn itself to eradication. No two ways about it, they cannot survive in the hostile waters such a war would create, nuclear arms or no. So w.t.f. is Canada thinking if this is in fact a move towards war? Our children and grandchildren will be paying a hefty price for Canada’s diplomatic stroke. The whole Western world will pay the price for the US and Israeli ineptitude. Better go and start building your bunkers folks.

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