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It’s KITCHENER, dummy

Here’s Michael Harris, aptly-named Ontario PCC MPP FOR A KITCHENER-AREA RIDING. At a PRESS CONFERENCE.

Oh my Lord Almighty, I love these guys. I hope they never, ever change.

THeir awsum!

10 Responses to “It’s KITCHENER, dummy”

  1. James Bow says:

    We’re coffee drinkers in Kichener-Conesoga. We don’t like teas.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    That looks like how you’d pronounce it if you were drunk, as in “I’m from Kichener and I’m so jrunk, J-R-U-N-K!”

  3. Dave A says:


    Quick question: Spelling aside, can you recall an opposition MPP having his very own backdrop for a QP event? Seems odd to me.

  4. john morse says:

    Teaparty Tim Took The T To Tease The Toronto Townspeople. They Tend To Text, Talk and Twitter The Terrible Truth To Terrify Troubled Teaparty Tim. Troubled Teaparty Tim Took The T To Turn The Tables on The Toronto Townspeople. The Toronto Townspeople Think Troubled Teaparty Tim Takes The Trivial Thoughts Trophy. Terrible Time To be Teaparty Tim.

  5. deb says:

    aww…give the poor staff a small break…billboards dont have spellcheck:) lol
    now if they are really crazy…first order of business (once elected) changing the spelling of KITchener to KIChener, who needs that T;)

  6. Another curious thing: note the use of the Ontario coat of arms. Look closely, and you’ll notice that they used it on the back cover of their Health Care “white paper” last Monday.

    In my view, that’s intentionally misleading, if it isn’t an outright copyright violation. It creates the impression that a document like their “white paper” is a government publication. When used on a blue backdrop, it makes it look as though the PC MPP is a cabinet minister.

    I haven’t looked into the legality of the use of the coat of arms, but if the PCs can use it, who cannot?


    • Derek Pearce says:

      That’s an excellent point. I should look into this, maybe I’ll use the Ontario Coat of Arms on my next batch of business cards, just because, you know, no one told me I couldn’t…

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