09.11.2012 12:45 PM

Rob Ford’s Toronto: two TTC buses have a chit-chat

From a regular reader:  “Warren: 1:36 pm, and they’re having a chat on Eglinton and Duplex. Blocking both lanes – on a road that already has several major construction bottlenecks.  We’ve been sitting here for a long, long time.”


  1. Kevin T. says:

    It’s ok, they’re talking about football.

  2. AmandaM says:

    /rolleyes. The TTC is an embarassment. I grieve for the days that David Gunn was in charge and the system won international awards.

    Reason #146782 why I bought an E-bike to kick around town and go to and from work, hoping beyond all sense that we have a repeat of last winter.

  3. Np says:

    A few questions:

    1. Can we get some context? Why were they just sitting there? And exactly how long IS a long, long time? If they’re actually engaging in coitus-K9us, then I think the good people of Toronto deserve to know what consequences they will face.
    2. What’s going on in front of them?
    3. How is this related to Rob Ford? He’s a mayor who’s administration has proven time and again to be less than perfect, I admit. But are we just blaming everything bad that happens in TO now on him? To be honest, this seems exactly like the kind of thing he’d be most pissed about.

  4. Paul says:

    I think the title “Bob Kinnear’s TTC Union” is more appropriate in this case. Trust me, if Ford had his way he’d fire the lot of them and replace them with more realistically-compensated employees who might actually treat the ridership like customers for a change.

  5. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    PAUL … Apparently, As No One Knows What was being discussed between the two & how long they were in fact blocking traffic, this becomes a purely hypothetical discussion.

    It concerns me that your magical Mantra of … “more realistically-compensated employees” … suggests if we reduce their pay, so that many TTC employees end up NOT being able to afford to live within reasonable proximity to their work … (but rather in places like Barrie, Orillia and the Outer Hintelands), You Are Creating A Whole NEW problem dimension.

    Your … “treat the ridership like customers for a change” … magical Mantra becomes very tiresome, when one considers the fact that many, many, many TTC Employees take their work very seriously and perform the work in a manner consistent with meeting & exceeding Excellent Customer SERVICE … ALL THE TIME.

  6. Dude Love says:

    And this is Rob Ford’s fault, how?

  7. bd says:

    let’s not forget that Mr Ford’s brilliant transit solution for the bus clogged Finch Avenue was…. *more buses*!!! And instead of light rail and street cars… you guessed it – BUSES! BUSES! BUSES!

  8. Chris says:

    You take issue with a driver eating ice cream but no issue with taking photos?

  9. Dave Ruddell says:

    Isn’t this just outside of 53 Division as well? Where were the cops?

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