09.19.2012 08:45 AM

Stock Day, come home

All is forgiven.

“…And during a friendly chat with Chicago residents, [Ford] ended up mistakenly saying Manitoba was across from Detroit — rather than Windsor.”


  1. David says:

    Even if something doesn’t outrage lots of people at first, some will be happy to try to explain to them why they should indeed be outraged.Ford will probably catch hell now that he dared attack the sacred media..It’s a laugh a minute.

  2. Matt says:

    Oh come on! He’s just doing his Rick Mercer ‘Talking to Americans’ thing. Except instead of felling smug and educated we get to feel sad and embarrassed.

  3. Kaplan says:

    This is so bad.

  4. Bruce A says:

    Half-marks. He got the continent right.

  5. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    What is it about Con politicians and geography?….as Peter MacKay stated at a conference in Winnipeg a few years back:

    “California and British Columbia have a shared border, a strong relationship. And some would say that our countries are probably as close as any two nations on the planet.”

  6. Raymond says:

    My personal favorite was Paul Martin declaring that allied forces stormed the beaches of Norway on June 6, 1944….during a memorial service recognizing D-Day, no less.

    Great stuff.

  7. wsam says:

    Geography equals communism.

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