09.10.2012 01:05 PM

Super-scientific poll: who will be the first to bash Warren’s new book?

Everyone knows two things about political people, and political books.  One, political people look at the index, and only buy the political book if they see their name.  Two, reviewing a book provides an excellent opportunity to settle old scores.

Herewith and hereby, a TOTALLY SCIENTIFIC and IN NO WAY SILLY poll, wherein you get to pick the person(s) most likely to savage Warren’s latest creation in a review.  The results are accurate TWENTY TIMES OUT OF TWENTY.


  1. Pete says:

    What about another of your favorites….Martin Patriquin

    • Warren says:

      You’re right. I forgot about that douchebag.

      I’ll do up a new poll to go after him. It’ll be fun, and informative, too!

      You know, it occurs to me anyone at/associated with The National Dentist Waiting Room Oracle (ie. Maclean’s) I pretty much hate.

  2. DanR says:

    Here, I’ll be the first: it is recycled, home-spun wisdom crafted in a popular-culture-type accessibility that you can find on virtually any blog that isn’t right-wing, all wrapped up in something that is actually more self-serving than useful in everyday politics. In short, it is by a guy that writes 500 words for the Sun here and there and adds really nothing to discussion but is more an attempt by some 50-something trying to stay relevant. Soon to be found in the discount bin.

    And I didn’t even have to read it (since I already know what kind of blathering drivel you write, anyways).

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    I voted for Kay and Posties. And… I don’t get your weird hate-on for Paul Wells? He seems like a perfectly reasonable guy to me. Oh well, I always just want everybody to get along…

  4. Derek says:

    Will Jan Wong want to make your book “disappear”?

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