09.28.2012 06:18 AM

The conservative who makes Conservatives very nervous

Been hearing a lot about this character from fearful-sounding Cons, lately. “Harper’s Schreiber,” one told me.

Big political graves are dug with small shovels. Meet Harper’s newest tiny shovel.


  1. smelter rat says:


  2. tdotlib says:

    Read it first thing this morning. It seems a pretty compelling case has been made that the PM is playing ‘nothing to see here’ games via his press secretary. It is quite interesting though – Schreiber had hotel rooms and envelopes, this guy has CSIS and the Russian Mafia.

  3. steve says:

    I just find it fascinating that Harper invites Ford and spends a day with him fishing. Is Harper that desperate for someone anyone to spend a day in close quarters?

  4. !o! says:

    awesome, but does it have legs?

  5. Fred says:

    This is just creepy. A Canadian prime minister is tied up with money launderers, drug dealers and pornographers. The new conservatism?

  6. po'd says:

    Leaves me wondering if Irwin Cotler will write a piece on this for the National Post?

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