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The Islamophobic web

“Canadian Hindu Advocacy” is a group that says it plans to screen the Innocence of Muslims propaganda film that has stirred up chaos and death in the Middle East. Who are they? BCL has more here. Most recently, they have been associated with Jewish Defence League, hosting British white supremacists like the “European Defence League” and stirring up anti-Muslim hate.

What’s interesting, too, is Canadian Hindu Advocacy’s symbiotic relationship with Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney. It’s a relationship that needs to be investigated, I’d say. More here and here.

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  1. bigcitylib says:

    By the way, there is nothing legitimate re free speech in what CHA is up to. They are trying to bait muslims to acts of anger. That’s it. Today they’re apparently holding a “Walk your dog in front of a mosque” day where they will parade their pets in front of a East end mosque. 350 have said they’re coming, although this is from a facebook page so who knows? Its also been discussed on Stormfront, so maybe one or two of those type will show as well. I’ve written more about it back at BCLSB.

  2. Michael Behiels says:

    Yes, Warren, the incestuous political connections of all these new right organization is a topic that has to be investigated thoroughly.

    Your book is a great start. I hope that professional journalists all across Canada will undertake some investigative reporting on these organizations and their seamless web of connections with new right politicians at all levels of Canadian society.

  3. wsam says:

    This highlights perfectly the problem inherent in multiculturalism. It is hard to keep track of all the different groups and who hates who.

    Everything was much easier when there were only two sides. True-blue hard-working Protestants and that weird ‘religion’ where they worship the Pope.

    • smelter rat says:

      Fucking brilliant analysis.

    • Kev says:

      So the culture is to blame but not the individuals?

      • wsam says:

        Ireland. Italy. Spain. Portugal. France. BC’s lower mainland. Nova Scotia. Maryland. Poland. South Baltimore. South Boston. Newfoundland. The Phillipines. Beaconsfeld Village. South America. Northern Ontario. Florida (the Gulf side). Southern California. Cabbagetown. The Ukraine.

        Do I need to continue?

        • Kev says:

          Those all sound a lot like geographical locations, not cultures. Should the country of Ireland, to use your first example, be to blame for an individual’s actions?

          Do I need to continue?

          • wsam says:

            A few points.

            1. Don’t blame Ireland … WTF!!! That’s crazy talk. Insane. We’ve been blaming the Irish for generations. If something is working, don’t try and fix it. Have you seen Riverdance?

            2. Can you think of anything which might link the mentioned juristictions? (hint: it ryhmes with dope).

            3. Cabbagetown isn’t a culture? They have their own flag. It has a cabbage on it. The houses there are heavily interior designed. They have a farm with livestock in case Stephen Harper puts Toronto to siege. Do I need to continue?

  4. dave says:

    Interesting the article on JDL and right wing CHA…I came across items a few years ago about the parties in power in Israel forming ties with the BJP in India. Israel and BJP India in close league made sense to me then, and this collection of info from Toronto(I assume) fits.

    I have had the sense that we have been hit with waves of Islamophobic (especially Arab Islam) since the mid 1970′s – in film, in news stories, in all kinds of popular literature and public discourse. It brings me to wonder what it was like over a hundred years ago when the Dreyfus case in France encouraged anti semitism throughout Europe, and contributed so much (in my partially informed view) to the politics and holocaust of the 1930′s and 1940′s.

  5. Albert says:

    Could someone please define what a “White Supremacists” is for me?

    No one ever calls Blacks, Asians or Indians “Supremacists” when they stand up for their racial interests…so why do White people who stand up for their racial interests get the “Supremacist” label from guys like Warren?

    Seriously I would like an answer on this.

    • Warren says:


      My first book was mainly about black supremacists in NOI and other such organizations. Assholes and idiots, in other words, come in all colours.

      Yours, for example.

      • wsam says:

        White people tan better than the other races.

      • Albert says:

        Ok Warren. Then tell me exactly how you differentiate between a “Supremacist” and just a racial advocate. For instance I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t call the NAACP “Supremacists” or some group representing Asians “Supremacists.”

        So what is the difference between a White racial advocate and a “supremacist”?

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      What the fuck is a ‘racial interest?’. And precisely how does a ‘race’ choose it’s spokespersons tasked with ‘standing up for it’?

      • Albert says:

        Racial interest is what is good for a particular race. For instance the NAACP looks out for the best interests of their racial group.

        I am utterly sick of anyone White who looks out for the best interests of their race being called a “supremacist.” Hello…someone can be looking out for the best interests of their race without hating other races or wanting to rule over them.

        • Warren says:

          Just so everyone is clear, this asshole’s email is “prowhite@live.com.”

          • Albert says:

            Asshole? Really? Why am I an asshole Warren?

            You have spent your entire career being anti-White. You have spent your entire career implementing anti-White policies and working against the best interest of my race…now some pro-Whites come along and call you out on your bullshit and we are the assholes? Why don’t you just admit you are anti-White Warren. I would have more respect for you clowns if you just owned up to it, rather than hiding behind these bullshit terms like “progressive” or “anti-racist” or whatever the ridiculous codeword of the day is.

          • smelter rat says:

            Ding ding ding! We have a winner, folks!

          • Tim Sullivan says:

            I think it was Morgan Freeman who, when asked what could be done about the race problem in the US, said “Just stop talking about it.”

        • Tim Sullivan says:

          I’m tired of people who deliberately plan the death of a person being called “murderers”, but, what can I do? Hello .. someone who is just taking care of a problem …

  6. James Gordon says:

    “that has stirred up chaos and death in the Middle East”

    This isn’t as strong a point as you think it is. We live our lives as free people here in North America; why should we self-censor because there are tons of people who would kill for their religion in the Middle East? That’s not the kind of country I was born in, and it’s certainly not the country that I want to die in.

    I hope the criminal arrests and jail time in the middle east is so severe for the people who killed over this film in the Middle East that it serves as a deterrent to ever protest violently every time someone in the West creates something critical of Islam – because we will never stop being critical of Islam or Christianity or Judaism or Atheism – because we don’t live like that.

  7. John Levenstein says:

    I’m a douchebag. Send spam to j_levo@hotmail.com.

  8. wsam says:

    Northern Ireland. Militant protestants were rioting this summer in Ulster.

  9. GPAlta says:

    A film related incident: Oct 22, 1988 in Paris, Christians attacked a public theatre for showing Last Temptation of Christ, injured 13.

    Plenty of evil to go around:

  10. Kev says:

    Um, have you not paid attention to the news in recent times? There were several Christian riots in Egypt last year, to name only one place.

  11. wsam says:

    He means Christians rioting about the film Innocence of Muslims and its sexist attacks on Islam.

    Don’t twist his meaning. It’s like how Islamics are fascist and Christians love free speech and Jason Kenny has deep wells of anger bubbling up inside him due to excess jowl fat he just cannot seem to get rid of.

  12. wsam says:

    Christians believe God knows your naughty thoughts. Or is that Santa?

  13. GPAlta says:

    Of course that is not what I mean. There were many protests associated with the film, but the incident I referred to involved Christians in Paris throwing molotov cocktails into a theatre where the film was showing causing severe burns to the innocents inside. Although that wasn’t a riot, I thought it had some relevance to the question of whether a film could move Christians to violence. Perhaps I was wrong, sorry.

  14. GPAlta says:

    I did provide a link that discussed rapes, kidnappings, forced conversions, murders, child slavery, and bombings being carried out by Christians around the world today motivated specifically by Christian religious beliefs. It would be easier for you to click on it than for me to copy all the content here, if you are truly interested in Christian violence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism

  15. GPAlta says:

    At the time of the Genocide, 96% of Rwandans were Christians. After the genocide the number of Muslims in the country doubled or tripled as survivors converted to the religion of those who sheltered them during the violence.

  16. Warren says:

    If that criminal is alive by this time next year, it’ll be a miracle.

    He won’t be missed.

  17. Jon Adams says:

    They ain’t printing themselves, boy. If you’re so gung ho about it, YOU go and print them up and distribute them and sell them instead of whinging “WAH WAH WK WON’T SUPPORT MY CAUSE CELEBRE.”

  18. David says:

    Good point Joe.But you can only expect ridicule that’s what we do here when faced with a conundrum.

  19. Scot says:

    America, weak? This would be a foolish interpretation.

  20. Michael says:

    >What is a racial advocate?

    I guess that would be like the NAACP or the Canadian Jewish Congress. Except Alert wants one for Whites.

    >My sons and their friends are colour blind…what is your problem…

    “Colour blind” lol. You can be a trendy yuppie all you want but let’s not be ridiculous here. Everyone knows and understands what race is.

    >Are we not all human beings?

    Human beings are subdivided into racial and ethnic groups. You might as well say “Are we not all mammals?” and then try to make friends with a monkey.

  21. Tim Sullivan says:

    If we all understand what “race” is here, what does the mention of the Canadian Jewish Congress have to do with anything? “Canadian” is not a “race”. Of course, no one with more than one brain cell would call “Jewish” other than a religion.

    So what exactly is your point?

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