09.28.2012 10:05 AM

The Trudeau backlash begins!

Boy, that didn’t take long.


  1. Kevin Powell says:

    While he raises some valid points, calling the LPC the “Lindsey Lohan” party is a cheap shot, and diminishes his argument.

  2. Michael Bussiere says:

    His father was the target of considerable bile. What is sickening with the likes of this pundit and others of this ilk is that great looks, charisma, and personality are equated with shallowness. Apparently only a walking cadaver in search of a pulse (i.e. Harper) can have any substance. But what substance? I’ll never forget a dinner with his first boss, a certain Reform MP from Edmonton who referred to Harper as intelligent, ambitious, and shallow. His career has been shallow, his policies have been anything but daring and substantial, he requires massive handling, he hides and poses, and blows with the wind as required by vote counts. Would he be described as shallow if he didn’t look like an undertaker?

  3. Political Staples says:

    I’ve been calling him the Sarah Palin of Canadian politics for a while know.

  4. Sean says:

    Watched At Issue last night re. Trudeau. Maybe for the last time. Those guys and gal and the rest of the media elite are so lost when it comes to ordinary Canadians it is just getting embarrassing. Their unhappiness with Trudeau is actually an unhappiness with voters. They keep going on and on and on about how “he has to do this”, “he has to do that”, “he has to listen to us” etc.. Well clearly he doesn’t. Canadians obviously don’t give a shit about their issues. If an election were held tomorrow, Trudeau would win a pounding majority, just because he’s a nice guy. These dummies on the panels should stop arguing against reality and should start examining the reasons behind this. Why do Canadians have so little loyalty for Harper and Mulcair? Everything they have worked for, the supposed “substance” everyone seems to be looking for is so easily tossed out the window for a nice guy with cool hair. What these crazy Trudeau polls are showing is that Canadians place an extremely low value on business as usual.

  5. Kelly says:

    Aww Warren, only about 14 people in the whole country would have read that jealousy-ridden piece of drivel before you went and linked to it. You have more readers than the “National” Post (You know how hard it is to actually buy a copy in Winnipeg or Saskatoon?)

  6. Mr. Murdoch esq says:

    Dude. Why can’t we have cool stuff like this


    Great vid by Sam L Jackson.

  7. james curran says:

    I wonder which “weighty people” Harper and Mulcair beat for their leaderships????

  8. Cam Prymak says:


  9. Pete says:

    he conservative storm troopers all have their nuts in a ringer becauSe they know damn well Trudeau will clean their clocks. The thing they don’t yet know is that the Libs will have an intelligent slate of candidates for the leadership and that will push the rest of them off front pages and headlines.

  10. Peter says:

    You figure he’s got it is the bag, eh Pete? Didn’t your mother ever warn you about tempting the electoral gods?

    • Pete says:

      I don’t think he has it in the bag and I also believe that there will be a healthy candidate list to debate liberalism through the winter months.

      I do think he’s the favorite by a long shot but he’s not arrogant and won’t coast.

  11. Lisa says:

    Reminds me of the ad in 2008 when the McCain team compared Obama to Paris Hilton. That worked out well for McCain!

  12. dillon says:

    Louise Arbour. Next PM

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