09.26.2012 10:07 PM

Values, and Trudeau


Both political strategist Warren Kinsella (Fight the Right) and former journalist Paul Adams (Power Trap) have new books exploring what is wrong with the left and how to fix it. Both identify the core weakness of progressives in Canada: They cannot describe their values.

Everyone knows what Conservative values are: promoting self-reliance; getting government out of your face; keeping taxes low and finances sound; encouraging business growth; going after criminals, relentlessly.

The Harper government makes sure that every policy, every action, every word speaks to and reinforces those values, which the party shares with a large and loyal base.


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    steve says:

    Harper talks the talk, but walking the walk hardly. Allowing principles to override best practices is the death knell for a society.

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    Kelly says:

    Cons still can’t get anywhere near a real majority (phony majorities of 37% of the popular vote don’t count — for any party. Even Mulroney managed to get over 50% and I say that as a Liberal.)

    Ibbitsons comments only make sense in the fantasy world of our Alice in Wonderland electoral system. In an objective sense — in a a country with a fair voting system they would be nonsensical.

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    Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    So Kelly, you are saying that Chretien`s 37 & 38% majorities are “phony and don`t count?”

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