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We get letters: the gun lobby is today’s winner!

Rudy Verstraeten,, wrote:

Warren YOU are the F**king idiot.
We are law abiding gun owners and follow the law and hurt no one.Get the gang
bangers of the streets and stop importing in all these criminals.
You should be more afraid of the drunk drivers on the roads and the criminals
you Liberals let loose every day to re-offend again and again. Who are you to
say what sport I can enjoy or not. Oh wait you are a Liberal socialist. Its your
way or no way.
Lets hope there aren’t any more of you in Canada.

31 Responses to “We get letters: the gun lobby is today’s winner!”

  1. Joe says:


    “it’s your way or no way” as he froths at the mouth and tries to force his views.


  2. Np says:

    Challenge him to a duel. Pistols at dawn!

  3. wsam says:

    If I were liberal dictator I would make Rudy Verstraeten get gay married.

  4. dave says:

    Hey, ‘Liberal socialist,’ – so for this letter writer, the left is already united.

  5. Roy Rogers says:

    There you go again, attracting the finest people. How do you do it? Anyway………..

    Nice one. A perfect example of why we need gun control.

  6. deb says:

    tell the truth …this is your newest intern trying to impress us with their creative writing skills:)
    *I hope*

  7. smelter rat says:

    There’s at least one more :)

  8. Kev says:

    Any Liberal who still thinks gun control is even remotely a winning issue needs to give his head a big hard shake.

    • Jeff P says:

      Who the hell cares if it is a winning issue. It is the right thing to do.

      Lets see…. Guns are the only product available for purchase whose sole purpose and intent is to kill/wound/maim mammals.

      And you are saying that the government shouldn’t keep track of them?

      I think you are the one who needs to give your head a shake.

      • Kev says:

        What benefit has “keeping track of them” brought? Sorry, as a support of an “evidence-based” party, I want to see the, um, EVIDENCE.

        Gun control has defeated dozens of good Liberals in the past 15 years. Stop the g.d. bleeding. This policy is a turkey.

    • Jon Adams says:

      Yes, that Rudy Verstraeten certainly is a great man of letters, like H.L. Mencken with Tourette’s. But yes, it’s your way or no way.

    • Think Again says:

      Any Party that caters its Public Safety policies to what it thinks will gain or cost it votes instead of what it genuinely believes is best for the country needs to be shaken out of office.

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      Sometimes leadership is doing the right thing, not hte popular thing.

      Anyone can do the popular thing and be liked. That does not make it the responsible thing to do, nor is it a reflection of any kind of leadership.

  9. Anne Peterson says:

    Only about 70% of the population. Please read ‘The Republican Brain’ by Chris Mooney. Explains a lot.

  10. Joey Rapaport says:

    Entertaining as Usual LOL

  11. Philippe says:

    Send the storm troopers in to seize that guy’s guns NOW, for the sake of our children.

  12. Emily M says:

    Rudy’s just another sicko wiyh ammo….. far too many of his kind in Canada. Kev, you’re wrong.

  13. Realist says:

    It’s a winner in Quebec, which was still the second-largest province the last time I checked.

    • Kev says:

      How many Liberal seats are there in Quebec? The wise elders of the party pronounced that the NDP’s wishy-washy position on gun control was going to cost the NDP votes in 2011. How’d that prediction pan out?

  14. Bloody Bounder says:

    Do you happen to have this gentleman’s email, Warren?

  15. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Bet it read better in the original German………


  16. Bloody Bounder says:

    Any luck with this chap’s email yet, Warren?

  17. Kev says:

    The same urban centres, like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, GTA, Ottawa, Hamilton-Niagara, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, even parts of Quebec City, where the Conservatives hold most of the seats?

    There are still nearly 100 rural, remote, and small town ridings in this country. They were crucial to our wins in 1993, 1997, and 2000. If you want to write them off, go ahead. Just explain where we’ll pick up seats through a strong stand on the long-gun registry, because the answer is obviously not “in urban ridings”. Hell, the CONSERVATIVES, “rural intellectual midgets” if there ever were any, won polls in Montreal within a few minutes walking distance of Polytechnique.

    Evidence, evidence, evidence.

  18. pomojen says:

    There IS evidence.

    Significant decrease in murders by rifles and shotguns, particularly women murdered by intimate partners, since the registry started. Strong indications in the public health lit that similar dramatic decreases in suicide have occurred since that time.

    It’s a distortion to argue this is bad policy due to lack of evidence. The cons have attacked the registry with a total lack of evidence, very successfully. This isn’t about a lack of evidence or support from experts/ organizations with the proper cred to speak on this or the general public’s opinion.

    If you think this policy will prevent liberals from getting elected and you want to dump it for that reason, at least frame it that way. Otherwise, you only bolster the suggestion that libs stand for nothing but getting into power.

  19. GFMD says:

    Aleasy blown away when people talk about Regina as urban. People, it’s Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, period. Everything else is sometimes a boomtown but that’s it.

  20. Kev says:

    Evidence? The gun crime rate was declining before Bill 68 (or whatever it was called.) It continued to decline at the same rate afterwards.

    It’s the same disengenuous statistical argument the Tories get on with claiming that declining overall crime rates are due to their “law and order” agenda. The crime rate was declining before 2006, and it has continued to decline AT THE SAME RATE since.

    And yes, I want to see Liberals in power and undo the damage of the Harper goons. That will be much more difficult if we keep giving the Harper goons (political and rhetorical) ammo to use against us in rural ridings, and a massive lever to raise millions more in funding every year from angry gun nuts.

    Take this issue off the table. Permanently. Or keep losing. Your call.

  21. Kev says:

    It’s urban enough for analysts to count as one of the 200 urban seats where gun control is supposedly such a winning issue. Also urban enough by my standards of urban. Certainly not rural.

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