09.20.2012 02:14 PM

You go, girl

This is divine retribution, you might say.  Well deserved.  I hope she kicked his ass but good.


  1. Kev says:

    Yes, you are privy to more insightful information than all military intelligence units of all NATO countries. From the comfort of your parent’s basement, you have carried out the most daring reconnaisance missions in hostile territory known to modern man.

    When, do you suppose, will the GG award you that well-deserved Victoria Cross?

  2. Bluegreenblogger says:

    lol, gotta laugh at it, but kicking his ass left and right might not be the appropriate response, however funny it is.

    But let me tell you about once when I was very tempted to comment on how a woman was dressed in public. I was walking on College Street during one of the summer street festivals with my (at the time) 6 year old and 9 year old daughters. The girls wanted to go on the bouncy castle, and slides. There was a woman walking arm in arm with two men in front of us in this very public venue mid afternoon. She had a mini-skirt on, that was halfway up her butt cheeks, and she had no panties on. It did not leave little to the imagination, it left absolutely nothing. Her snatch was fully exposed. This is at a kid focused street festival, and my daughters were asking all about the fuzzy bits, and ‘how come mine isn’t like that? etc. It was a little awkward, but I managed to keep my mouth shut, I confess largely to avoid getting beaten up by the rough looking dudes with her, or by her, or by all three at once. Most would agree that her clothing crossed a line, but I use it to illustrate the question; When is it appropriate to butt your nose into someone elses choice in clothing? If subjective, then maybe the mullah did not deserve to get his ass whupped. Still, I would have paid folding money to see it.

  3. Jason says:

    I like the last line of the article. The cleric is trying to make it sound as though the clerics in Iran are somehow victims.

  4. Riaz Khan says:

    It is kind of funny Mr. Kinsella because my wife put this story when I shared with her on her face book and she gave the same headline:) I go to the region a lot- I mean a lot and let me tell, it is changing. You dont see that on the evening news but it is changing and the major part of this change is strong female voices. Just last week, these two ladies in Saudi Arabia gave such a hell to the religious police that they had to walk away and the woman start clapping in the shopping mall while they were walking out the mall. They are gradually demanding rights. It is happening. Very slow but the march is on. Woman are the last hope for moderation.

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