10.01.2012 08:21 AM

Anders on Mulcair and Layton

It’s starting up on Twitter, and I couldn’t readily find what he said. Here it is, in case you wondered, as I did:

“I actually think one of the great stories that was missed by journalists was that Mr. Mulcair, with his arm twisted behind the scenes, helped to hasten Jack Layton’s death.”

What is a disgrace isn’t this damned fool. He is what he is. What is a disgrace is that Stephen Harper, and his party, chose this damned fool over the likes of Alison Redford.


  1. WDM says:

    Yep. No one in the PMO can hide behind the notion he was chosen as their nominee and so should stay in caucus. They’re the the ones who cooked the books for him IIRC.

  2. frmr Disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Gives “sistuh’s” a bad name……

  3. Dan says:

    Just another day in the Conservative party.

  4. KP says:

    Rob Anders is nothing more than the professional troll we all pay for. Suffice to say, I want a refund.

  5. Christian says:

    And right on cue. Here’s the standard no-surprise apology from the Tory party’s class clown. Boy, the Harper team sure knows how to pick the winners.


  6. Kevin Dunsmuir says:

    The real disgrace are the lemmings in Calgary West that keep reelecting this clown to be their “voice” in Ottawa. When people here complain about easterners stereo-typing Albertans as a bunch of mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers (despite our female Premier and big-city mayors), we would do well to remember that we are “getting what we pay for” in Parliament. As a resident of Calgary Southeast I am reminded of this fact almost daily.

  7. T.W says:

    Okay Harper, balls in your court, do us a favour and DO NOT sign this man’s nomination papers.
    If he has compromising pictures of the Dear Leader – which he must as there’s no way this man should hold a seat in Parliament – pay him out and he can work at the Fraser Institute or something, I’ll even pitch in.
    I would call out the people of Calgary West to do something but they’ve proven to be sheep just doing what they’re told.

  8. Mark McCourt says:

    While Rob’s bozo eruptions may or may not hasten the demise of this government, one wonders if Mr. Anders might reasonably be held at least partially responsible for Stephen Harper’s grey hair.

  9. Kelly says:

    Of course those words about Mulcair and Layton were uttered by a guy who volunteered to elect U.S. Republican Senator Jim Inhofe — you know… the Jim Inhofe who said 9/11 was devine retribution for the U.S. not defending Israel strongly enough.

    The guy is just whacked.

  10. Tim Sullivan says:

    Who woke him up long enough to even notice Layton was gone?

    Pension this clown off and get him out of there.

  11. Peter says:

    I won’t even comment what it says about the folks in Calgary.

    Wise decision, because it says absolutely nothing about the folks in Calgary. But if you disagree, do you think it is genetic or something in the water?

  12. Greg from Calgary says:

    I am glad I don’t live in his riding so I would have to have him as my MP and dissapointed I don’t live in his riding because I would like to vote against him.

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