10.29.2012 09:26 AM

Campaign Yoda

There is no campaign try.

There is only campaign do.

Arrived in Van last night, and talked politics late into the night with Bjorn and Babs. They gave me Yoda, who I plan to bring with me to Cap College tonight.

I said to them a book tour seemed kind of trivial, what with Sandy battering one coast, and earth quakes battering this coast. But I figure it might be interesting to discuss, at various media outlets in Van and Calgary, how various politicians are handling this Act of God.

Of such things, Yoda might say, are Presidents made.



  1. Tiger says:

    Ambiguous, you are.

  2. Neil says:

    When are you in Calgary?

  3. Pat Heron says:

    I’m sure Al Gore is smiling!

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    If you watched Wendy Mesley question that lady over the earthquake last night on The National, funny I got the impression she wasn’t exactly enjoying the interview.

  5. Torgo says:

    Hi Warren,

    Good to hear you on Bill Good this morning and good to have you in BC.

    One observation – despite being a Dipper my whole adult life, I hope you’re right on Justin Trudeau and I’m wrong. I worry that this is the Liberals yet again falling for the idea that if they just get the right leader, it can fix all the other problems (poor grassroots organization and struggling party finances). On the other hand, politics is more about symbolism and personality than many people think. In any case, despite my disagreements, I thought the country was on a better course under the Liberals than the Conservatives, and would welcome another Liberal government if the NDP alternative won’t come to pass.

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