10.23.2012 10:09 PM


CP, CBC and others are reporting similar stuff.

So, if it’s true that Dwight is leaving, it is another very sad development for Ontario Liberals. Dwight Duncan is a giant in our party; it is hard to imagine it without him.


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    MikeLondon says:

    I can’t blame him in a way. He’s had a long old slog as finance minister. In good times, when there’s lots of money to spend, it probably a great job. He’s had to make decisions that were unpopular though, even if we agree they were necessary.

    He can go back to Windsor, and be highly successful in the private sector, while regaining his personal life. It’s hard to blame anyone for wanting that.

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    Ted B says:

    Totally off topic, but it might be a bit of a salve, here’s a pic from tonight’s New Order concert you might like: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=4332202256840&set=a.3873766676237.158314.1040781903&type=1&theater

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    Lord Kitchener says:

    He would make a good leader for the LPC.

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