10.26.2012 08:50 AM

Fight The Right in North Shore News!

Right here. Jeremy’s done a very well-written, comprehensive piece. This guy actually read the book.

And it’s the fairest shakes I’ve ever gotten in the North Shore News! Thank God for the new management!

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  1. patchouli says:

    Interesting article; I look forward to reading the book. From the context of the article, another reason Justin Trudeau will make a hard leader for Conservatives to “frame” is that he’s already framed in most of our minds, and he also has moved to frame himself in our minds over the past few years (the eulogy at PET’s funeral, running in Papineau, making bold statements, boxing Brazeau, etc). All I know is, I feel optimistic for the first time in a long while, and it feels good.

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