10.26.2012 05:32 PM

Fight The Right in the Calgary Herald!

“Kinsella puts the left on the right track with new book…It’s not as if Kinsella, known for his combative work as a Liberal party strategist and outspoken blogger and columnist, doesn’t dutifully back up [his criticisms of conservatives]…This is not to suggest, despite his colourful way with words, that Kinsella is advocating simple name-calling. But exploring how progressives could use language for their benefit with the same skill as their conservative opponents is at the heart of Fight the Right…So, what is a progressive to do? Well, Kinsella’s long tour of duty on the front lines of Canadian politics has certainly given him an up-close look at what works and what doesn’t.”


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    Emil says:

    It’s “FIGHT” the Right…NOT ‘slight’ the Right. Anybody can slag, but somebody has got to carry the progressive left flag, as Kinsella has done in his book and political work.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    WK they called you a “blogger” not a “website maintainer”! Will you stand for this?! ;^) And yes, I’m home on my computer on a Friday night god help me…

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