10.30.2012 07:33 AM

In today’s Sun: women rule

VANCOUVER — The conclusion to the interminable U.S. election campaign is within sight. After a myriad number of primaries and debates — and after the expenditure of in excess of a billion dollars in political ads — we will all soon be blessed with an outcome, and a relative return to sanity.

Up here, at least. Up in the Great White North, we’re pretty lucky.

For, if the U.S. election cycle has shown us anything, it is that our politics is strikingly different, and better. Take gender politics, for instance.
In the U.S., several conservative politicians have made statements about women, and women’s issues, that are impossible to imagine happening in Canada.

There has been a Republican who mused out loud about how some rapes are “legitimate.” There was another GOP stalwart who stated that pregnancies that result from rape are God’s “intention.”

And there have been several pronouncements about birth control, too. Some Republicans want to ban birth control, because they think it is contrary to God’s will.

To a Canadian observing U.S. politics, all of this is beyond crazy. While we have had our fair share of nutbars, it is hard to imagine many of them ever proclaiming rape as divinely ordained, or working to render birth control pills a controlled substance.


  1. smelter rat says:

    Dreamer. I give it 5 more years and we’ll be right down in the sewer with the Yanks.

  2. Olmanhall says:

    You’ve done it now Warren!! You refered to God in the feminine gender!! I only do that when I’m trying to piss these people off. It always works. zw32You trying to start something?

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