10.15.2012 07:26 AM

Jesus! The best part about this poll showing the Liberals beating the NDP?

The accompanying picture.  Jesus was there to meet Justin, front and centre, and the Liberal leadership candidate didn’t even break into a sweat! Is that the kind of leadership strength you want at a time of crisis, or what?


  1. duncan says:

    Yes Heaven help the Liberal Party if Justin is the next Leader !

  2. que sera sera says:

    OMG!! Too hilarious! And he’s autographing the boxing photo. ROTFLMAO!! Absolutely love it.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Harper moseys off to the Congo to escape the stink of tainted beef wafting around North America.

  3. james curran says:

    I don’t even remember Ken Dryden signing that many autographs.

    • Matt says:

      lol Yeah, but with Dryden he would start signing one and then begin to talk to the person… by the time he was finished talking the room was empty and it was a week later.

  4. Brad says:

    No big deal, people are always clamoring for Harpers autograph, and Tony Clements as well.

  5. Warren says:

    That’s my boy.

  6. ferrethouse says:

    And Mohammed is right beside him. Careful Kinsella – you might start a riot.

  7. Michael Bussiere says:

    Nah, Jesus was blonde and blue-eyed. As a person of Syrian-Christian descent, that has always amused me.

  8. Greg from Calgary says:

    Reminds me of that youtube video where Snoop Dog meets Jesus


  9. Musings says:

    It’s a good thing kids can’t vote. Are we going to have 10 to 12 articles about Trudeau in the news everyday until the leadership race ends? In a way, I hope so, people will get sick of him.

  10. Michael Behiels says:

    Now the “Jesus Freaks” in the Harper Camp will go beserk and show up at Trudeau’s rallies to convert him to their Leader!!

    Clearly, the anti-Harper crowd is getting as big or bigger than the anti-Mulroney crowd in 1990.

    What is going on?

    Do any of the illustrious pundits have any reasonable answers?

    Bring them on! Spit them out. We all need to know!

  11. RC_Fredericton says:

    NASA is looking for extra-terrestrial intelligence – apparently they haven’t found any here.

  12. M_Hfx says:

    And–what a coincidence–they share the same birth date!

  13. The Dude says:

    The only thing this poll might prove is that vote splitting is keeping the Harpocrisy alive for many years to come.

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