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Just want to say…

…that I never thought I’d live to see grown men saying the things they’re saying about rape.  

Some days, there’s so much evil in this world, you just don’t know what to say.  This is one of those times.

14 Responses to “Just want to say…”

  1. Torgo says:

    And yet conservatives/republicans are baffled by the gender gap in voting preferences…

    • Kelly says:

      And some women actually STILL vote for these guys. This stuff happens as a neurological level. Read Warren’s book as to why we have to improve our communication approach. We’re not dealing with reason. We are dealing with hind-brain crazy.

      • Torgo says:

        I’ve also often heard right-wing men talk about how one of the reasons for the gender gap is that women vote based more on emotion while men vote based on reason, i.e., women are more soft-hearted so they vote left-wing (so not insulting and sexist).

        In my opinion, if anyone votes for one of these republican/conservative lady-parts scientians like Akin or Mourdock, they’re definitely not voting based on reason.

        Oh, and a great PS on this: Romney is now standing by Mourdock after initially distancing himself.

  2. Marjie - in Edmonton says:

    I am so disgusted with the recent comments on rape. It has actually started to play on my mind. My daughter is four and between these comments and all the ‘Creep Shots’ and ‘Jailbait’ stuff on Reddit I am terrified. I guess I thought we had come a lot further than we have. I think about how we are to educate my son and daughter about sexuality and respect – for themselves and for others because if this is what is out there beyond our front door I am really scared. I have actually found that reading articles about the GOP has been effecting me – I have been depressed for days after reading this sort of thing. I don’t like to bury my head in the sand where the news is concerned, and don’t like to shy away from reading stories because I know the content may be upsetting, but I am beginning to think that when I see ‘rape’ and ‘GOP’ in a headline I should avoid them altogether.

  3. Michael S says:

    WTF? I mean what WTF is going on here? Are they nuts?

  4. Iris Mclean says:

    As an atheist, I just sit and shake my head when I see stuff like that.

  5. Sean says:

    Progressives: Often you’ll hear people say “politicians are all the same”. Ahem. No they are not.

  6. James says:

    I’ll just leave this chart here for handy reference (from gawker):


  7. WDM says:

    Jon Huntsman says Romney should withdraw endorsement and ad:


    I think Huntsman is out to lunch on economic matters, but it’s pretty telling of the GOP that he got little to no support in the GOP primary.

  8. Way to insult two whole provinces full of people and win them over to your side Dan!

  9. Les Miller says:

    I’m afraid Dan is just one of those people who hate. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it’s just how he is. Albertans are just evil, and should be driven into the sea, along with whomever else he has a hate on for. I try my best to just ignore these lunatics.

    Speaking of which, I suggest everyone who supports Obama should donate some cash to Donald Trump. I really can’t imagine anyone making the anti-Obama camp look any stupider than Trump has managed to make them look. Jokers are wild!

  10. Ted B says:

    “One would have to wonder, would this guy think the same thing if it were his daughter who became pregnant by a rapist? Would he feel the same way about his new grandchild, as he did of his other grandkids?”

    My guess? Yes, he would.

  11. Ted B says:

    Speaking of Trump, Obama won the day on The Tonight Show last night. Too funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g1C453KwDzY

  12. Tim Sullivan says:

    Blind ideologues, ignorance, conservative bent, lying, money.

    Perhaps the opposition to these clowns were teachers, or had no business experience, or maybe didn’t finish some degree.

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