10.20.2012 07:23 AM

Liberally crucified

The media who were criticizing Justin Trudeau and his Liberal supporters for a permitting “coronation” instead of a leadership contest?

Yeah, well, they’re the same geniuses now criticizing Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal supporters for wanting the Ontario Premier to enter the leadership race, and thereby make it a contest and not a coronation.

I swear to God: these guys are the type of people who demand crucifixion, and then complain about the view.

Rule of thumb: when they say to do something, do the polar opposite.

You can’t lose.


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    Dan says:

    Distinguish the good faith advice from the hacks. I see a lot of hacks here: folks who say something is good when their party does it, and then bad when the opposing party does it. Folks who think their party can do nothing wrong, and the opposing party can do nothing right.

    I think it’s good for the Liberals to have a real contest. I’ve been beating the same drum for years. If your party has a reputation for being entitled and just expecting their next leader to be the PM, you’d best find ways to look like you’re humbly trying, instead of declaring early victory.

    That being said, McGuinty is pretty damaged goods. More damaged than Bob Rae, if only because it’s more recent.

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    Arnold says:

    Why is it that we must destroy everything that has a shred of decency? I see Justin as his father’s son, just as most of us wish to be seen by our peers. One of the things about that, well you have something to live up to. In regards to this Justin had two choices in life, to cut his own path, which he did some of by the way, or to follow in the footsteps. It was not my choice, nor is it yours, or anybody elses for that matter to lead his life it was his. So however some may want to continually criticize him, he really is Human for God’s sakes and deserves to be give a FAIR chance, after all, what do we want? Would we be satisfied had he stayed a school teacher? Was it fair to him, ever to put a public responsibility onto him? Consider that we as Canadians asked the question, many of us. So he chose to run for leader, so he is the front runner for all sorts of reasons including who his father was, so what! That is life ladies and gentlemen, of his inheritance, good and bad, Justin has shown only good, it is his inheritance, at least the chance to be what his father was, a great Prime Minister. Cheers Justin and good luck!

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      nacnud says:

      Arne you r fucking whacked

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    Thor says:

    Agreed. Prorogation was smart strategy. A Mcguinty-Trudeau-Garneau leadership race would be Both a great service to the LPC AND Canada. It would oblige some serious policy proposals and debate, not to mention oblige the party to do what must be done. A coronation of prince Justin,though his election team might beg to differ, is far less desirable.

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Guess why Gerard will win this time?

    Guess who was Dion’s chief of staff?


    “The Liberal leader had promised to deliver taped messages in French and English to the networks by 6:30 p.m. By the time his tape was dropped off, more than 30 minutes late, CTV’s main network had returned to regular programming. It would have been far better for the Liberals if all the networks had lost their patience.

    On the tape, Dion’s face loomed up out-of-focus and strangely framed. Observers variously speculated on whether the Liberals shot it with a cellphone camera or the webcam on Dion’s laptop. Liberals familiar with the fiasco said Dion and his staff agonized so long over his text that their video technicians had little time to set up a proper shot and no time to fix mistakes. It might have been nothing more than a technical botch-up, but the debacle reinforced Dion’s image as a bungler. It prompted some Liberals to recall how Dion’s speech at the Montreal convention where he won the party leadership ran over the allowed time, and organizers cut off his microphone. Versions of what went wrong this time vary, but blame fell squarely on Dion. “He permits and insists on unwieldy processes,” said one exasperated Liberal organizer.”

    Yes, us old farts (anyone over 30) were treated badly in 2006. Trudeau has decided to go with the young ones (now in their 30’s) who think they know it all.

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      Out of context. Somewhat perturbed. I apologize. But not happy that I just opened an anonymous email calling me a “Stalker”.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Some people like you have the courage of their convictions. They can artfully and convincingly make their arguments. Some times I agree, other times not. But I am always interested in your views. It takes a special kind of guts to post frankly when you are reasonably well known either in the Liberal family or by the public.

        Treat anonymous cowards like they deserve to be treated. Ignore them. Think water off a duck’s back and please continue to provide us with your views. Thanks.

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    reformatory says:

    Dalton can’t run for the federal leadership. He is damaged goods. he left behind a smoke bomb in Ontario with the energy fiasco “project vapour” shenanigans. He prorogued parliament to save his skin. He is done. The best he can hope for now is somebody appointing him to some board or commission, or a diplomat somewhere.

    Not to worry though, his kids can live vicariously through him, in due time.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Agreed. Every candidate brings his or her pluses and minuses — along with evident baggage under some hypotheticals! But I am for an open process where all interested get a shot at the prize. That’s why I was against Rae running but nonetheless argued he deserved a shot if he felt like it. As for McGuinty, if he is so inclined, let him get in and then let’s see how the collective rules. We are choosing a leader and hopefully with voters’ confidence and support an eventual prime minister. Not a decision to be take lightly hence the wisdom of an abundant choice of candidates. May the best person win!

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