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We get letters: this week’s psycho!

From “TRT,” trtinajax@gmail.com!

This is an unfortunate consequence of the JUST SOCIETY brought to us by Mr Kinsella, his friend Pierre Trudeau and the other HUG A THUG Liberals that believe the low life of this country are to be supported in the filth they wallow in while the good, decent people of the country must take the crap handed out by these low lifes. Mr Trudeau gutted the courts bringing in Judges who had no time for punishing the guilty, finding them all to be poor under-priviledged souls in need of our sympathies. Even if they catch the individuals who pushed this girl to her death, the Liberal’s YOUTH CRIMINAL PROTECTION ACT will ensure they are treated with kid gloves, treated as heroes of the JUST SOCIETY while Amanda Todd pays with her life. The time to have had sympathy for Amanda was years ago while the JUST SOCIETY was being created. It is a great society that you and your Liberal friends have created here in Canada Mr Kinsella. I hope you are proud of yourself.


  1. deb s says:

    wait…wtf…this amanda todd tragedy is being blamed on liberals. Unbelievable, its not about incarcerating bad kids…its about bad parents:P Cyber bullying is way after trudeaus era and no one can fully fathom how detrimental emotional bullying is…the way they legislate in the next few years is what is important. Yikes, I cannot believe someone can go back 30 yrs to blame lib govt for something they had no idea was going to be created in the future.
    well unless pm trudeau had a time machine…then yah …its all his fault:P

  2. smelter rat says:


  3. Bruce A says:

    This is the sort of rot you hear in beer parlours on any given afternoon. How anyone can be this disconnected from reality is beyond the pale. Sadly there is an audience for this. The ‘low information voter’ is a scary breed indeed. Hang in there Mr. K. because what goes around, comes around and ‘conservative’ arrogrance is beginning to turn into contempt.

  4. GPAlta says:

    Someone else who thinks we can as a society raise healthy children while collectively abusing other children. A child is a child, but cons seem to think that only their children are really children, and all others are monsters, not children. I would love to see this discussed on principle in the next election, since the Harper “Government” is one of the worst ever on children’s issues:

  5. TRT-what personal and tangible contribution have you made to make this country and world a better place? What do you have to be proud about as a direct consequence of actions you have taken and investments made? It’s an honest question.

  6. mrburnsns says:

    I think when people look into this they’ll actually find that most of the kids that were doing the bullying are from middle class families with good home situations. That’s the tragedy of this crap. It’s not the thugs – it’s the kids that should know better but haven’t learned empathy yet.

    Yeah, there are kids out there remarketing stereos and selling dope, but they are usually to busy working on their Monte Carlo or being “entrepreneurial” to get into this kind of bullying garbage. I went to a school with a lot of kids from a neighbourhood known for crime. Many of those kids were clearly up to no good, but if you treated them with respect, they treated you with respect. They were criminals, but they certainly weren’t bullies.

    • Cath says:

      “when people look into this they’ll actually find that most of the kids that were doing the bullying are from middle class families with good home situations.”

      Can you point me to the statistics that prove this statement please? As someone who works with anti-bullying groups we’ve not seen these. Please do tell.

      • mrburnsns says:

        Just personal experience – I had a lot more trouble with bullies at the “middle class” school than I ever had at the “bad school.” So just a single data point I’m afraid. However a couple of incidents come to mind – the bullies in the Tyler Clementi and Pheobe Prince case in the US again were middle/upper class, from stable families who still decided to bully someone that eventually took their own life.

        Sorry I can’t be of more help but thanks very much for your work. It can be terrible to be a kid these days, and kids that are in bad places in their life need to know it will get better.

  7. David I. says:

    In response to Bruce A., true. I’m a sub teacher. At one school we had this semi-retired teacher who always went on about how “we can measure when society deteriorated at around the time Trudeau was Prime Minister”. Really? I’m old enough to recall parents’ concern over teenagers’ activities back in the early-mid 1960s, let me tell you his generation had many of the same issues. My experience is that many kids who cyber-bully are hardly “thugs”. They’re usually spoiled middle to upper middle class kids with a major sense of entitlement.

  8. Cath says:

    You too David I. “They’re usually spoiled middle to upper middle class kids with a major sense of entitlement.”
    Please provide the link where your opinion can be proven.

    In the case of most anti-bullying coalitions and groups combating bullying there is not proof of what you’re saying. It’s always very handy to compartmentalize or blame
    one class over another but it’s simply not true.

    What it is, is your opinion as a sub teacher.

  9. MNT says:

    Sooo.. the Liberals killed Amanda Todd? Got it.

    Slightly off-topic but related –the media coverage and sad facebook pages that followed Todd’s video going viral seems to have some folks looking to anti-bullying legislation as the solution. This is at least a little ridiculous in my books. You can not legislate bullying into obscurity. Its sad to see things like this happen. It makes folks angry and they want a solution, dammit. But kids can be cliquey and cruel, what’s changed are their methods. Somewhere along the line schoolyard scraps became assault, technology became ubiquitous, the progression to cyber-bullying was inevitable. This is a modern twist on a behavior that has been chronicled in classic literature. Its not a recent phenomenon.

    Codifying systems for schools to use to monitor and punish children doesn’t solve the problem. Parents have to be responsible for teaching their children to be kind, compassionate members of society. Its an opportunity for learning and socialization. Legislation can give schools a framework with which to approach the issue, but its hopelessly naive to think that law is the solution to bullying.

  10. Patrick says:

    So politics is to blame for bullying. I suppose the premise being that nothing happens in a vacuum.
    A “Just Society” politic promoting tolerance, fairness and inclusivity causes bullying.
    While a corosive politic that works primarily in an” us verse them” spectrum, winners over losers, has us all marching on the straight and narrow.
    Oh this makes all the sense in the world.

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