11.15.2012 02:03 PM

Fight The Right at U of T!

Well-attended event last night at U. of T. – and Son Three was there to sell Fight The Right! (We sold out, too.)

Most interesting thing, from my perspective: that’s an A.Y. Jackson over my head.  I tried to pry it off the wall, but the U. of T. Liberals and Organizing For Progress told me they’d get in trouble.  So I left it behind.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    A.Y. Jackson painting = a bunch of rocks and a blue tree. Boring.

  2. Peter says:

    Glad to see, you’re getting a strong reaction to “Fight The Right”.
    Warren, do you sense that Canadians, having witnessed the Romney Campaign, are saying to themselves, “Holy crap, I recognize a lot of this Republican campaign garbage…it looks and kinda smells like a certain “failed economist” in the PMO.”

    And yet the American people didn’t buy and re-elected Obama.

    Do you think Warren, that Canadians are taking notice and are finally ready to “Rumble With The Right”?

    • Warren says:

      Indeed I do. If the far Right can be defeated in places like Alberta and Calgary, then they can be defeated anywhere.

      • Peter says:

        Alberta? Calgary? That strong, huh. And how about central Ontario and the Maritimes?
        And how will the addition of new ridings affect it all…
        British Columbia would be great if it can be wrestled away from the NDP.

        Man Flu, huh…vicious stuff.

  3. Susan MacIsaac says:

    My uncle was a well known artist in Collingwood. One of his greatest joys as an artist was painting with AY Jackson at his studio.

  4. Anne Peterson says:

    AY Jackson boring? A wise soul told me one time that if I spent time being bored it was because I was probably boring myself. Maybe that’s why AY Jackson bores you. You need inner resources to appreciate him.

    • bigcitylib says:

      Or maybe Jackson and indeed many cdn art icons really suck. I also think that Gorden Downey can’t sing and writes bad poetry, and that Alive Munroe, while a genius, gets kind of samey after a few stories. Don’t get me started on Rush or Glen Gould. Bach is still awful even when you play it twice as fast. The guy needed to throw in a guitar solo and a kick drum.

  5. dave says:

    Old anecdote ends with, “When we stand before a classic work of art, it is not the work of art that is being judged.”

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