11.30.2012 07:57 AM

Fight The Right in Beaches East York!

I’m going to be reading from and/or talking about Fight the Right at a meet the candidates thing in my home riding of Beaches-East York on Thursday, December 6th at 7:30pm. We¹ll be gathering at the St. Louis Bar and Grill (1963 Queen Street East) for grub, grog and a gab about what Grits need to win.

If you go, you¹ll get to meet some of the local Liberals who have put their names forward to help run the riding. They¹re up for election at the AGM on December 9 and they need your vote. Join or renew before 2 pm today! You can do so here.

Sign up now, and see you next week, BEY Grits!


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    Cynical says:

    Any chance you’ll be in Ottawa at some location other than Carleton?
    I am hoping to get the book for Christmas.

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      Warren says:

      Will keep you posted! Doing a ton of Grit riding associations, these days, to help out. Will let you know.

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