11.24.2012 02:43 PM

From Lib pals in Calgary: spread the word!


If you don’t, the arrogant, out-of-touch Cons win. Again.

The message:

The latest poll is 37% for Crockatt, 32% for Locke. Assuming about a 35% turnout (which is about normal for a by-election), the two candidates are about 1,600 votes apart. Chris Turner is at about 17% and about 5,000 votes behind. These number seem fairly stable in more than one poll. So, unfortunately I think the poll numbers just do not support Chris, or Dan Meades.
So, I am supporting Locke because I think he has the best chance to get ahead of Crockatt and the best chance to give a message to Harper. After 45 years of conservative voting, it would be great to see some change. I encourage you to also vote for the second place candidate.
Vote splitting by voting for the 3rd or 4th place candidates will simply ensure Joan Crockatt goes to Ottawa.
See the latest poll here:
Analysis of more than one poll is here:
Here is a new event group to encourage and end to Stop Vote Splitting.
Please pass it around.



  1. Ruth says:

    I fear that Trudeau’s and McGuinty’s anti-Alberta remarks will hurt us in the by-election, but here’s hoping for the best.

  2. Jordan T says:

    Thought we couldn’t believe polls?

  3. Tim Sullivan says:

    Why isn’t MHF running in Calgary?

  4. Dan says:

    These types of appeals would work much better if you also argued to vote for the NDP in Victoria and Durham, just saying.

  5. GFMD says:

    Sounds right and the two parties should definitely work together by essentially withdrawing from certain areas to give the other party an easier time of taking seats. The NDP should try to boost the Liberals in urban Alberta and the Ontario 905, while the Libs should ratchet it down in the rest of the West and in Quebec to give the NDP seats.

    Together we can take down Harper!

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