11.06.2012 07:59 PM

Monte reacts to GOP numbers in Virginia

Sun News set right now – me, Monte and Adam.



  1. monkey says:

    I wouldn’t say Virginia results are great, but I think the good news for Obama is 3 things. 1. Michigan called on exit polls alone. Yes I knew Obama would win here but the fact they could call it on exit polls suggest his lead was sizeable. In both 2000 and 2004 it took several hours before Gore and Kerry won it. 2. Romney has a very narrow lead in North Carolina and considering the GOP has being polling better there then nationally, not a good sign. 3. With 70% of polls in, in Florida and Obama ahead and most importantly leading in the key I-4 corridor either Obama will win it or even if he narrowly misses it, it appears the GOP talk of the polls underestimating GOP support is untrue. I should note though amongst white males, this maybe the GOP’s best showing ever, but with their poor showing amongst other groups that is no longer good enough.

  2. Philippe says:

    LOL.. great shot. I guess they know how to fight the right down there! Watch the Republicans explore their innards after this one.. it’s change or die. Without attracting some of the exploding Latino demographic, we’ll cook’em next time, too.

  3. Fred says:

    Monte Solberg is a douche. Why did he take the gold plated MP pension that he railed against for years? Why did he bail on his hometown of Medicine Hat the day after he decided to resign as MP? Opportunist jerk.

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