11.13.2012 06:43 AM

OLP race: Cohn’s column, condensed



  1. Tim Sullivan says:

    “I would run again in the right circumstances,” he says, adding that he was approached to run in Ontario’s provincial election but declined. “My commitment right now is federal.”

    This guy can’t keep his commitment straight.

    If he wins, I’ll be sitting out provincial politics. Just saying.

  2. Nic coivert says:

    I really don’t like the shite Kennedy is spreading about the pro-rogue business, he is trying to capitalize on smearing his own. He’s turned himself into poison. I predict a large flame out, hope he doesn’t burn the OLP in the process.

    ABK, again?

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      He does know he needs Liberal members because there are no “supporters” who vote for leader at the provincial level, doesn’t he? Maybe he has trouble remembering which Liberal leadership race he’s getting into.

  3. AP says:

    Kennedy carries with him the stench of the perennial leadership contender. At least with guys like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul they represent a wing of their respective parties. They have a message greater than their own personal success. Gerard Kennedy on the other has the junkie’s desperation, always looking for the next leadership race, unable to slog through the slow steady pursuit of the leadership by picking a level (be it federal or provincial) and building towards a leadership run methodically over time by winning over the party when member at a time. There’s an immaturity and compulsiveness to his constant reach for the leader’s chair.

    Kennedy reminds me of a couple of lines from Tennyson’s Ulysses

    For always roaming with a hungry heart

    How dull it is to pause, to make an end.
    To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!

  4. Tyrone says:

    Warren, when you first started with the cryptic remarks about “the hair and the teeth”, I winced, not knowing who you were talking about, and worried about you being divisive in the leadership race out of excessive zeal for your chosen (and very impressive) candidate. But once it became clear that you were talking about GK, I was sorry for doubting you: Kennedy is absolutely the worst choice imaginably for the OLP, and I look forward to you taking a hammer and tongs to him every single day until he finishes last or drops out. His faults are well-known, and nicely summarized here, so I won’t pile on, but I’ll just say that you’re on the side of the angels here.

  5. TimL says:

    What’s a “Lead Enterpriser”?

  6. Dan says:

    I generally like Gerard Kennedy.I think as an outsider candidate he poses an interesting dynamic to the race, and could be appealing to the general electorate because of it (though this is largely negated by the perception that his hopscotch between Federal and Provincial politics is nothing more than self-serving).

    However, whomever is advising him to run, I think is doing him a diservice. Stop feeding the ego, he needed more time between losing his seat in the Federal election to running for OLP leadership to be more than just a punch line. His ego is the biggest threat to his own reputation.

    • Warren says:

      He’s lost three different campaigns. He took years to pay off his last leadership debt. His strategy seems to be shitting on the very people he wants to lead.

      He should have taken a break. If he loses this race, it’ll be his fourth big loss: three leaderships, and his own seat. He’ll be done like dinner, then.

      You are right: the people feeding this are doing him no favours.

  7. Tim Sullivan says:

    Personally I’m glad Kennedy is running for the provincial party. I heard today that Martha Hall Findlay is running federally, again (yikes), now that she’s just paid off her last leadership debt (double yikes).

    I only have room for one last pick per leadership race.

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