11.17.2012 11:21 AM

The Hudak PCs are very nervous about Sandra Pupatello

Check out this vile little missive, here. When I read that, it didn’t sound like it was a letter from your average citizen. Along with being total bullshit, it had a decidedly phony feel to it.

An impressive young Liberal I know felt similarly. He started digging. And look what he found: “Scott spends a great deal of his time volunteering and working with the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and has acted as Secretary of Essex Progressive Conservative Riding Association.” There’s more on this guy. Lots more. Bottom line: he’s a Hudak hack.

Not only would it have been helpful if he’d disclosed that to the Windsor Star – it would have told the rest of us that, when they look at the field of Ontario Liberal leadership candidates, there is one candidate the PCs (and NDs) fear the most.

And that candidate is Sandra Pupatello.


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    !o! says:

    wow, nice find. Interesting.

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      Fayclis says:

      You people really are in a world of your own. ROFL. YOU jokers talk about a old boys club? My bet is the Liberals come into 3rd class status.

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    Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    And he can’t spell either. See paragraph 5: “…complements…” versus “compliments”.

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    Mike Lesperance says:

    Vile! That’s mild for Windsor politics!

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    Josef says:

    Not surprised. These Toryban are small fractions of people. This isn’t Maddie Di Muccio’s & Tim Gaudet’s Ontario PLs – as in Progressive Libertarians – just yet.

    You see, when called out for their bullying by an American these small fractions of people back down. They also know bullying Sandra Pupatello will now make YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PupaTubeLlo/videos?flow=grid&view=0

    Just a word to the wise you Ontario PCs… we know how you guys play the game. The good ole boy way of politics is about to be Lanced into the ground. Channeling John Stewart: Just watch, just watch.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    I think that the OPCs should be more nervous about Hudak.

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    Ryan says:

    The Windsor Star did write recently about the possibility of having Sandra as Premier of Ontario and Dwight Duncan as the federal Minister of Finance down the road. The Star knows that Windsor could use a strong presence at the cabinet table at both levels of government in order to avoid being forgotten. The Star will not take on the role of Liberal cheerleader but I think you can expect more than their fair share of positive stories going forward.

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    james Smith says:

    Fun times. I just returned from a walk & ran into a neighbour- a life long Tory who just resigned from the local Tory riding association.
    The local MPP is in his opinion, none too smart, and “She’s a total control freak” & he’s fed up with a certain Mr H.
    He wants to know who our Liberal Candidate is going to be, and I get the impression he really likes Ms P!
    Interesting times.

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