12.11.2012 10:39 AM

Comparing Leger to that other firm…

…as here, is like comparing the Beatles to Milli Vanilli.  Like comparing Kobe beef to ground chuck.  Like comparing Stephen Hawking to Johnny English.  Like comparing a Harley to a Moped.  Like comparing Olympic wrestling to pro wrestling.  Like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford.

You get the point.


  1. Marc L says:

    Like comparing the Federal Liberal Party to the NDP. 🙂

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    My sense of it is that people are willing to give Justin a chance — and the benefit of the doubt. That’s how it started with Kim Campbell and her terrific poll numbers.

    Either Justin will follow her into political oblivion or he will course correct and solidify his position not only with Liberals and supporters but also with the general public.

    Trudeau will win or die on a political hill of his own making. No one can win this leadership for him, much less the country.

    Justin has shown us what he is made of in the boxing ring. Remains to be seen whether he also has the right stuff outside the ring.

  3. Marc L says:

    If Trudeau was named Justin Tremblay, he would be a nobody. He has no credentials aside from his name. That people get all excited once he expresses a coherent view on an issue — any issue — between his numerous gaffes is quite telling. At least Garneau may come up with some actual real-world policies — the idea of allowing more competition in telecoms certainly has me on board. There are numerous issues facing the country on which the Liberals could build a solid, relevant platform. Trudeau doesnt seem to be the guy to think them through — just a popular, pretty face. very very different from his father.

    • tfalcone86 says:

      Wow. Another vague, indecisive jab at Trudeau. For an idiot with a pretty face, Trudeau seems to be putting his opponents, both within the Liberal Party and in the other Parties, in their place. Why don’t we let some significant time elapse before passing judgements his way. He hasn’t failed yet has he?

      Unless you know Justin well enough to vouch for these unsubstantiated claims, I suggest you sit back and learn a little with the rest of us. Its a long time to voting after all…

      • Marc L says:

        What? Are you denying that he got where he is because of his name? What else did he do to become an MP, and now a contender for the Liberal leadership? If he wasn’t a Trudeau, what would have propelled him there? His experience? His deep thinking on policy issues? Please tell me. I really would like to know.
        And, as a Quebecer, I am not particularly impressed by his statement that Quebec separation could be justified by Harper’s policies. Just the fact that he was able to say something like that tells me a lot.

        • Bluegreenblogger says:

          Who was denying anything? Trudeau has also said that he came a long way because of his name. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that his name is really significant. Even diehard Reformatories know his name is important, and most of them don’t have as much as an ounce of sense. So what’s your point? You can pick up on a few quotes here and there, but one should look a bit deeper when selecting a real leader. Look at what he has done, what he has said, what he is capable of. I have watched with interest and in large part, yes that was because of his name. I did not trust myself because of it, so I bided my time. Now I have observed him for some months, and I think that he is an excellent politician. He is smart, and has surrounded himself with some smart and wise people. He has parlayed that name into an extremely strong position in the leadership contest. He has parlayed it into an exceptionally strong position with the electorate too. In my opinion, those are the MOST important qualifications for leadership of a party, or a country. Ability to build an effective team/cabinet, and the ability to motivate and galvanise the electorate. If his team is strong, then he retains his popularity in the Liberal Party, and with the electorate for the next 4 months, then shall lead the Liberals.

  4. Reality.Bites says:

    Comparing a Ferrari to a Ford…

    One weighs 3000 pounds and has no brain… and the other is a car.
    One can be driven drunk and the other one drives drunk.
    It takes more money to buy a Ferrari, but you don’t have to sit through football games.
    Lots of men have imagined what it would be like spending hours on a sunny day rubbing wax on a Ferrari. Only Mammoliti imagines doing the same with a Ford.

  5. tfalcone86 says:

    I remember back prior to the Kitchener-Waterloo by-election. Forum Research called my girlfriend’s parents in Kitchener Centre, asking about the race in Kitchener-Waterloo. They then proceeded to release said “by-election” poll.

    Ever since then, I’ve been a sceptic. Their postal code was closer to Kitchener-Conestoga than Kitchener-Waterloo.

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