12.11.2012 09:10 AM

Fight The Right one of the best books of the year!

…so says The Hill Times. Thanks, Hill Times!


  1. Well Meaning Chap says:

    Why, exactly, would one want to fight the right?

    The Conservative party is increasingly popular, having increased vote % in 4 consecutive elections. That’s never happened before. Their leader was just named Most Knowledgeable Parliamentarian and statesman of the year and retains strong personal ratings as a leader. Our finances are strong, the nation is united, things are good in Canuckland.

    The Conservatives won 42% of the immigrant vote last election, compared to 37% of the non-immigrant vote.

    You wish to “fight” a pro-immigration party that is popular with immigrants…why, exactly? You’re not a….

    (here it comes, baby, oh yeah)

    …white supremacist, are you?

    Or are you a poor basher? Because the Conservatives are more popular with lower income cohorts than rich people – the tendency to vote CPC actually decreases as income increases. Check the poll data.

    So: we’re left with you appearing to wish to “fight” immigrants and the poor. You, being a millionaire Lenin-admiring blue-eyed white Toronto lawyer. The optics, they are not good. What say you?

  2. Paul Gauge says:

    I’m a douche bag. Spam me.

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