12.05.2012 07:27 AM

Heath on the divided Left

Good read.


  1. Houland Wolfe says:

    If Tommy Douglas could form a strategic alliance with Social Credit in Saskatchewan to help the CCF win seats, why shouldn’t the NDP do likewise with the Liberals? It’s too soon for a merger, but we should develop some cooperation. Otherwise, we keep a government that depends on a resource-extraction economy, stapled to an Israel and business focused foreign policy, absent any social policy. We need to do better.

    • hollinm says:

      “Depends on resource-extration economy?” You better hope it continues otherwise the country is in for a world of hurt. Manufacturing is in the pits in case you haven’t noticed. What else have we got that supports all the social programs that you love so much? This is as good as it gets unless your going to hand the keys to the treasury to an NDP party made up of a pile of Separatists and kids who are barely out of living in their parents’ basements. Of course lets not forget the air head who is flip flopping his way the tarnished Liberal crown.

      • Michael S says:

        Look up, bro, a comet is coming.

        • Houland Wolfe says:

          Apparently, I touched a nerve. Let’s see which one. Resource extraction: the speed and distribution of benefits across the nation is always controversial. When Texas receives a greater benefit from oil sands development that either British Columbia or the Maritimes, one should ask why and what’s the big hurry? Social policy: Denmark, with a similar economic basis as Canada, manages to both fund a long-term reserve account paid from resource depletion while providing cradle-to-grave social security. We have neither. Foreign policy: no response, understandably, as the Harper government is doing a stand down. Lastly, why would we listen to a neo-con, such as yourself, who is obviously worried that progressive forces might align themselves. Put it this way: we don’t care what you think.

  2. JamesHalifax says:

    I note he brought up the issue of the “dinosaurs” in a certain campaign.

    Methinks he should have provided the appropriate credit to you, Warren.

    Still laugh when I think of that……..though to be fair, most people who actually know Stockwell Day think he is a very nice man.

  3. Kelly Oh says:

    Any chance you find yourself heading down a metaphorical road to Damascus this morning?

  4. steve says:

    Me thinks Mr Zach is in the wrong party, he is a red tory at the very least.

  5. The Other Jim says:

    Many, many years ago, Jamey was the President of the local Young Dippers and I held the same role for the Young Liberals.

    In the 1988 election, our riding included a candidate from the “Confederation of Regions” party. I don’t remember many of their actual policy planks, other than being virulently anti-bilingualism. What I’ll never forget, though, was witnessing one of Jamey’s first attempts at being a political provocateur.

    This occurred during an all-candidates debate, during which Jamey (who would have been in his late teens, I think) came to the podium, indicated that his question was for the COR candidate, and then proceeded to ask it “en Francais”. The COR supporters erupted (shockingly, there was more than one). I remember one particularly large, middle-aged fellow screaming “SPEAK ENGLISH YOU LITTLE PRICK!!!” and looking like he was going to knock Jamey’s head off. Several of us rushed to Jamey’s side (even, wait for it, a Mulroney Conservative!) as it really seemed like things were going to explode. No punches were actually thrown (although it came close) and things eventually settled down. For a brief shining moment, though, the centre and left were united and ready thrown down with some angry old white guys.

    I normally wouldn’t waste everyone’s time with a 25 year old anecdote but, given the subject and yesterday’s events in the Commons, I thought that it might give some of you a smile.


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