12.12.2012 08:38 AM

Paikin on Canadian Jewish leadership

Paikin – the younger one, who I like – has offered up a very thoughtful and very timely piece on the widening chasm within the Canadian Jewish community.  It is a must-read.

And not merely because it aligns with what I’ve said myself many times in the past.  Paikin’s column is important because too many are afraid to say it out loud – namely, their Canadian “leaders” are mostly reactionaries, closer in outlook to Likud than they are to the people they profess to serve. They’re a propaganda arm of the Conservative Party of Canada, in fact.  And, as I’ve also said before, Stephen Harper’s support isn’t for Israel, per se – it’s for Likud.

Do they care?  Obviously not.  But when a change in government happens – as it always does – they will, they will.  They will profoundly regret abandoning the Jewish community’s multi-partisan approach of the past. Like I told UJA a few years back:

Look at me, folks. I am a latté-sipping, Kyoto-loving, One-World Government Secular Humanist. I probably got here today in a black helicopter, piloted by Hilary Clinton.

But to echo that great line in ‘Jerry Maguire’ – you all had me at “hello.” I will always support you, always. After hearing my little rant, today, some of you may not want me, but too bad. You’ve got me.

There are others like me – many, many others, and they’re all a lot smarter, too. There are others like me, who admire Israel for being a beacon of democracy in a sea full of tyranny. For its generosity, for its wisdom. There are others like me, who see Israel’s continued existence as a precondition to a safer, saner world.

There are others like me! So, by all means, vote for conservatives, sometimes. But vote liberal sometimes, too. Our enemies – and I say that as a Zionist, and as someone who loves Israel, and as a proud member of the team – always want to isolate us, to identify us with only one cause or one choice. Let’s not give them that.

Let’s be smart and let’s be strategic. Israel, and Israel’s people, is owed no less.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Bibi ain’t necessarily Israel — and it shows.

  2. M. de Calaborati says:

    “Yet other liberal-leaning friends of mine — some of them life-long New Democrats, people without a conservative bone in their bodies — have been voting for Stephen Harper in recent years. ”

    As the Savior, aka Justin Trudeau, mingles at Reviving Islamic Spirit – sponsored by IRFAN-Canada who gave $15 million of Canadian charitable donations to groups the CRA labeled as terrorist organizations – an Islamic charity that produced videos that appealed to “all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom .” One could add such “progressive” voices as Libby Davies and her George Galloway style denunciations of the West, Jews, and of course that great Satan, America. Indeed, the Liberal/Left is putting the National back into Socialism.

    Sadly, the Cons are likely the lesser-of-all-evils at this point in time. I suppose we should have know the Trudeaus were clerical-fascists at heart – riding around on motorcycles with German helmets and all. Nothing changes I guess. Should have figured out the NDP were pretty dark at heart too – Tommy Douglas’ masters thesis on eugenics and all.

    As one of the great unwashed – that is, non-partisan, non-sectarian, neither Jew or Moslem or any other “special” group – I realize the powers-that-be have totally sold us out. Your multicultural revolution has now become a nightmare of continual micro-terrorism as fanatics perpetually demonize normal, moderate, everyday Canadians.

    • patrick Deberg says:

      M de Cabbagealotta

      In the words of my late great father within his Irish wit and I quote;

      I do not know,
      it may be so,
      your story sounds so queer!
      go tell your lies,
      to other guys,
      Your bullshit don’t go here!

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