12.10.2012 08:23 AM

Pupatello has the most support in OLP race

…the most experienced support, too.

Both count.

Ms. Pupatello stands head and shoulders above the rest. She has the support of 17 caucus members, including Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and other cabinet ministers such as Bob Chiarelli, Brad Duguid, Mike Colle, and Michael Gravelle. Ms. Pupatello also has the support of three former MPPs. The regional distribution of her support is impressive: seven of her caucus supporters hail from ridings in and around Toronto, three from Ottawa, three from Northern Ontario, three from Southwestern Ontario, and one from Eastern Ontario.

Her supporters also have more total experience than her rivals. Including former MPPs, Ms. Pupatello has a combined 180 years of experience in the Ontario legislature in her camp and 60 election wins.


  1. Good….she will need all that support to win on the first round…..if she doesnt, then Team Hair and Teeth and the other sore losers will gang up on her and she will have a heck of a time winning after that.

    • Warren says:

      And if that happens, me and others are gone. Good luck with the election campaign, etc. See ya in a decade.

    • Michael says:

      You can’t call them sore losers. It’s the way a delegated convention works. The most succesful Liberal premier in Ontario history did not win any of the ballots except the last one (the one that counts). Is he a sore loser?

    • Sean says:

      Actually, I see a lot of support bleeding towards her campaign on subsequent ballots.

    • WDM says:

      I can’t imagine he who shall not be named has any bigger post-first ballot advantage than Pupatello. Granted, I know nothing of how the various other candidates are thinking, but I don’t know why one would have momentum after the first ballot and one would not (assuming the supposed disadvantage is not being in caucus/Cabinet currently).

      • Sean says:

        In fairness, my comments are all based on anecdotal conversations with grass roots friends of mine. In my conversations with folks who plan on attending, there seems to be a consistent trend towards S.P. as a second choice. In fact, I haven’t heard one single person mention any other candidate as a second choice.

  2. tfalcone86 says:

    I’m surprised no one in the Press has tried to write about the relationships among the candidates. After all, that will be the most important factor come the beginning of the second round of balloting…

  3. Brian Ellis says:

    Warren, a few executives on my riding association sent me a link to Kathleen’s new website. I was just wondering what you think about it. It looks pretty snazzy.


  4. Chris says:

    Whoever set up the pupatello town hall robocall tonight needs to work on their tech – the audio was completely distorted and indecipherable, I hung up as I couldn’t understand a word.

  5. Campbell says:


    Pupatello and her team would do well to read this article. Cohn hit the nail right on the head here. Making Ontarians understand that we can provide additional convenience to consumers without affecting the ownership of the LCBO is key.

    It is also a vote winner. I am a lifetime Liberal voter who would love to support a candidate that is in favour of keeping the LCBO in public hands while removing the monopoly that allows an international conglomerate to profit in the extreme from their ownership of the Beer Store.

    This compromise preserves what is good about our alcohol sale/distribution system in Ontario while purging the bad. I hope the Beer Store’s days of monopoly are numbered. And I would love for Sandra Pupatello, as next premier of Ontario, to pledge to keep the LCBO in public hands while eliminating the Beer Store’s monopoly in Ontario.

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