12.18.2012 08:22 AM

Pupatello: it’s all about jobs (updated)


UPDATED: BCL weighs in – pick the right gal, as he says, and you can win.  And there’s only one gal who (i) knows how to win outside GTA, (ii) has never lost an election, and (iii) has decades of experience in beating both Cons and Dippers.  That’s Pupatello.  And it’s why most of caucus and cabinet are supporting her.

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  1. RonMac says:

    Pupatello is behind in the party polling, so she would have to win up the middle like Dalton did, if the polls hold.

    Regardless, polls also indicate that the Liberal popular vote has fallen below the Conservatives and NDP in Ontario.

    Looks grim for the Liberals, but what do you expect when Dalton suddenly and mysteriously gives up and resigns.

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