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Rob Ford, party animal

From the Twitter account of a Toronto lawyer, George Gray.  Apparently taken at the Bloke and Fourth.


34 Responses to “Rob Ford, party animal”

  1. TimL says:

    When its time to party we will party hard.

  2. scanner says:

    Partying like its 2010 and he was just elected.
    Toronto has not had a Mayor since then.

  3. bigcitylib says:

    Don’t know if he’s drunk or not. He looks like that naturally.

  4. west in the East says:

    Don’t lower yourself to their level WK. The guy is having a good time. He’s human.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      If the adage that begins: ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine..’ is true, then he is not human, he is SUPERHUMAN. I must confess though, I am far from divine.

      Looks like he was smokin some of that BC bud that he, of course, never touched.

    • Elizabeth says:

      He’s loaded, he will survive. Loaded in the financial sense as well as the spiritual sense. And that’s not Holy Ghost spirits either.

    • Sean says:

      ….agreeing with “west in the East” on that.

  5. Kirsten says:

    Yea, Ottawa had a mayor like that, things worked out really well for him when he decided to run for a second term, too.


  6. mauser98 says:

    it’s not a Kyle Rae, David Miller, Adrian Heaps taxpayer funded pissup !

  7. JamesHalifax says:

    Well, regardless of whether one is human or not, when one has already been told that ones behaviour has disqualified him from public office, then one should be a little more “discreet” when in the public eye.

    (how many times can one use the term one…..in a single sentence?)

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      lol, in this case maybe one-and-a-half, or even two would be more suitable. I shouldn’t scoff at peoples waistlines though. I am slim, but can empathise. Aside from the KFC, maybe he cannot help his weight.

    • Sean says:

      Have to disagree. I’m as happy as anyone else that he’s been dumped for abusing his power. But come on, he has not been disqualified for being a party animal and nor should he be. Seems to me that Canada has done OK with party animal leaders.

  8. Pipes says:

    I actually feel sorry for the guy. Again, he reminds me of a tragic character in a comedy. When I look at that pic, I think his wife must be happy, cause that ain’t his wife and he is out of the house.

    I’ve met him a few times, and he seemed to be a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of a guy. My guess, not knowing how he conducts himself in private is that he and his brother Doug run the City as if they were Kings demanding complete obedience from their court and subjects.

    I remember two years ago or so, asking Warren how you impeach a Mayor. I think I got my answer.

    Anyway he will be gone from politics soon enough and I don’t like kicking a guy when he is terminal and he is sort of a human being. After all, it is Christmas.

  9. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    I hear about this sort of thing all the time. I suspect most stories are apocryphal. But even if most are…

    I will condemn Ford only mildly for this. I love to have a good time. But I’m just a guy. Not a mayor, company president, organizational leader, representational public figure etc. Watch those people at an event. The good ones know how to comport themselves public-wise, to coin a phrase.

    Just another in a long list of examples of how irredeemably stupid he is.

    • Outsider says:

      I also love a good time. I also am not a mayor who was just given his biggest beatdown yet. A part of me suspects he was smart enough to recognize early on that this gig is a hell of a lot harder than he expected, and a lot harder than being the Angry Watchdog Councillor, so he has – deliberately or otherwise – set out on a course of political self-destruction. How else to explain why he is able to turn trifling matters into disasters, and disasters into calamities? Nobody can be that stupid or that unlucky all the time, can they?

    • Sanjay says:

      You will condemn him? Wow, I’m sure he’s devastated that it is you that will condemn him for being out and having a good time. Rob Ford may be one of the biggest idiots for what he does as a mayor, but after seeing a picture of the fool with a smile on his face, and saying you’ll condemn him, says something about the character you are.

  10. [...] another picture of Rob Ford out on the town and looking possibly drunk has surfaced. It has some observers wondering when the next scandal is going to drop. According to insiders, the [...]

  11. Peter says:

    Hey…the guy’s having some fun…so what?
    Let’s not get carried away here…
    Lucifer he is not…just an complete miscast as Mayor of Toronto

    • Elizabeth says:

      When you’re being paid as much as he’s being/been paid by the City of Toronto, and you’ve insisted on being up front and centre in public life; you don’t get to be a drunk in public.

      I just wonder how much people felt sorry for Prince Harry when he ran afoul of a camera; sorta not clothed and high?

  12. tfalcone86 says:

    This isn’t Rob Ford… its that architect Art Vandelay…

  13. Andrew says:

    Rob Ford wasn’t getting drunk – he was getting CRUNK! crunkford.tumblr.com

  14. david says:

    I can so see this guy dressed up as Henry the 8th but then again he s doing this for the kids right

  15. TDotRome says:

    See? He does like downtown!

  16. Woody Johnson says:

    the guy in the background, smiling, with the green drink. Isn’t that personal injury lawyer Jeremy Diamond… of Diamond and Diamond…the guys who advertise everywhere?

  17. Chris Shrive says:

    Even with all sorts of beautiful people around, he still can’t look anyone straight in the eye.

    • james Smith says:

      Good Point.
      I’ve always wondered why a so called straight shooter never seems to look people in the eyes.

    • Roy says:

      i have met him and confirm this. you will ask him a simple question and he will mumble what one can only assume is an answer towards the ground.
      the reason for this is very simple – if he looked at you directly in the eyes, his steely blue eyed gaze could very easily drive a normal person mad.
      he is that amazing.

  18. Kojak says:

    Nice photo bomb by Jeremy Diamond

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Speaking of eyes, he looks as if he has yellow eye shadow on.

  20. JamesHalifax says:

    Dan F,

    If incompetenece disqualified people from holding a job…….we’d lose the entire Toronto District School Board, as well as most of the Municipal council.

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