01.10.2013 02:02 PM

Mystery solved: Caplan joins Team Pupatello!

TORONTO – Ontario Liberal legend Elinor Caplan has declared her support for leadership contender Sandra Pupatello.

Caplan, who had previously been associated with Glen Murray, today said she has today enthusiastically joined Team Pupatello.

“She is the best candidate in the race,” said Caplan, a former senior Ontario cabinet minister. “She is the candidate who knows how to beat both PCs and New Democrats. She is the candidate who can win.”

Caplan said that she has known, and worked with, Pupatello for many years. “I respect Sandra very much,” said Caplan. “She is a remarkable person, and an outstanding leader. She is the one who can win in every part of the province. She has never lost an election, in her many years in politics.”

Elinor Caplan, PC, served in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1985 to 1997, and was a Member of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons from 1997 to 2004. A proud Liberal, she served as a cabinet minister in the provincial government of David Peterson and the federal government of Jean Chrétien.

“Sandra’s a winner!” said Caplan. “I urge all delegates and delegates-to-be to join her team!”

“I’m thrilled that Elinor is joining our team,” said Pupatello. “Her passion, dedication and experience are invaluable. We’re running a great campaign with grassroots support across the province.”


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