01.01.2013 02:43 AM

Idle No More makes CNN! Happy new year!


  1. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    I watched the CNN broadcast last nite with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, and I was so proud and happy to see the Idle No More protest make it on a program that was broadcast round the globe….This, combined with a First Nations protest in my own home town, made my heart glad.
    Mr. Harper and your cabal…….the whole world is indeed watching….

  2. G.Merritt says:

    We are having rebellion within our Canadian ranks between the FN and Opposition parties on one side and the Harper Conservative government on the other side. To help resolve this situation, Harper should call an election to get a decisive mandate from Canadians at large.

    If FN want to abrogate their Treaties with the Queen and Her government, that is tantamount to separation. This requires an election so that the voice of all Canadians are heard and direction given to the government and a clear message for FNs.

    • Jason King says:

      That’s funny to hear a tory supporter wanting to call an election. Usually all you guys do is complain about how much they cost and that noone wants one.

      Cant have it both ways G.Merritt. Call an election, no don’t they cost too much. Give me a break you sound like a whiny flip flop.

    • smelter rat says:

      The problem with an election is that we’d need Int’l Observers to come in and supervise. We all know what happened last time.

    • VC says:

      Much of the protest coming from First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in Canada stems from the Crown and its government consistently abrogating the treaties; and, this is not recent or new to the Idle No More protest. In terms of separation, Aboriginal peoples have never consented to being part of Canada. Aboriginal peoples are still settling claims with the Crown in respect to unceded territory.

      And an election for some sort of direction regarding the First Nations? How about the statutory mandate of Treaty obligations, is that enough direction for you?

  3. sj says:

    My hope is that Idle No More finally mobilzes First Nations Canadians to participate in the electorial process. If they ever got their voting percentages up to 60 or 75% they wouldn’t have to resort to blockades. Look at the clout seniors have – because they are mobilized and vote in high numbers in almost every riding in the country. There are at least 50 ridings in the country that First Nations could own if they showed up to vote.

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