01.29.2013 10:29 AM

Mallick on Bailao

Worth a read.  I felt the same way, earlier on in the psychodrama.

“Reconnect with myself”? Sheesh.


  1. Iris Mclean says:

    At the end of the day, it’s always good to reconnect with one’s self, going forward….

  2. Peter says:

    I just hope the experience helped her get in touch with her inner child. Or maybe her inner adult. Whatever, as long as she learned to love herself.

  3. Cromwell says:

    That Bailão has not resigned her council seat as a result shows how corrupted moral sentiments in politics have become. It makes me feel sorry for Claudette Boyer.

    • Paul says:

      Would you quit your job if you were convicted of a similar offense? Didn’t think so. She f-ed up, and the punishment under our justice system is that she was fined and lost her license for a year. I’m pretty sure she will think long and hard before getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks in the future.

      If you ask me, resignation of a public official is only required in the case of serious, indictable offenses or ethical violations, not victimless traffic crimes.

      • Cromwell says:

        I am not an elected representative, Bailão is. Operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs is an indictable offence carrying a maximum prison term of 5 years. And, asshole, I would like to see you tell the family of somebody who has been killed or maimed by a drunk driver that it was nothing more than a ‘victimless traffic crime’.

  4. Lord Kitchener says:

    Does this mean she is going to sign off on all her emails with “Namaste”?

  5. Matt says:

    What she did is amazingly stupid and selfish and how the response has been handled has been a complete train wreck. I have to say though, I have had a couple of occasions where I have worked with Councillor Bailao and always found to be pragmatic and hard working on a community level. Still, life is choices and I’m not sure she can or even should survive this.

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