01.23.2013 08:55 AM

Pupatello on TV: she’s a winner

Watch this.  Take a couple minutes, and watch it.  If this woman doesn’t make you smile, at least once, you’ve got a stone for a heart.

When I finally got around to watching this, I just kind of knew that she would be Ontario’s next Premier. In a contest between your political head, and your political gut, the gut should always win.

This woman is a winner. And my gut tells me, now, that she’s going to win.


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    John Matheson says:

    She will very likely win the leadership campaign, and will become Premier by default.
    The question is, is she the Kim Campbell of the Ontario Liberal Party?
    I strongly suspect that if Tim Hudak can hold the far right at bay
    (as John Tory and he were not able to do before) and go with the Tom Long/Harris formula
    of a strictly economic Reform agenda, we are looking for a spell of Progressive
    Conservatism 21st century style.
    The elephant in the room continues to be the McGuinty Resignation.

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      Michael says:

      Have you been reading Hudak’s “Pathways to Prosperity”? He has swung hard right. Not held the far right at bay.

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    James Smith says:

    My only crit is a quibble, a nothing really, but my wife pointed it out & now I can’t not see it. (Don’t think about elephants.)
    On TV, when the shot is from her left (viewer’s right) she has what looks like 80’s poofy bangs.
    Kso, this from a geezer with more nose & ear hair than hair on top, & maybe it makes her look average (WTF that is) not phoney or quaffed, but does look a teeny bit odd.
    Like I said, it’s a nothing, I’m really glad I voted for her & really, really hope she wins!

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      frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      I agree….a more “professional” hairstyle wouldnt hurt……Im sorry, she’s an attractive, charming, intelligent lady, obviously……but I just see eighties “big hair”……maybe plays well in the north country…….

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      Nicole says:

      Why are women always attacking other women on things like this? And then the men jump in thinking its okay to critique this. Men have crappy haircuts all the time, but female politicians are required to look perfect at all times in addition to having a brain. If we take a look at the politicians currently elected, there are very few hunks to be found. How about judging Sandra, and other female politicians by what they say rather than what they look like? There are other photos of her in the past week that show her hair being less “big” with a style that would not be different than what other professional women wear in downtown Toronto. This is probably a case of an overzealous hairstylist at TVO. Even if that is not the case, so her hair is not perfect. Big deal.

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        James Smith says:

        Kso, you’re right, but your also wrong. In general (ALERT! generalization) women, for any number of reasons, SEE TV; men HEAR TV. That’s why on the TEE VEE (ALERT! generalization) women like the Kardashians, men like Sports.

        I may suggest that Men (ALERT! generalization) like Ms P based on how they hear her . On an emotional level, & men think they SEE a leader based on hearing her voice & inflection. I’d also imply (ALERT! generalization) the reason a large number of my Grit female friends are supporting the other woman in the race is because they see her, and she LOOKS like a competent public figure so on an emotional level they think they HEAR a leader.

        Nicole you are correct, this shouldn’t be the way things are, (spoken as one who’s worked for female Grit leadership candidates, & MP & MPP candidates I may add) but if we voted not with emotion but with our intellect, and didn’t make decisions based on outdated stereotypes, PM Dion would be solving the crisis in Mali after watching the highest rated CBC show WHAT’s NEW AT THE NFB.

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    Bloody Bounder says:

    While it is quite obviously her intelligence, personality, knowledge, formidable campaigning abilities,
    fierce debating skills, and natural leadership qualities which makes her the best choice to be both
    the next Premier of Ontario and leader of the OLP; I must say that I am deeply gratified at the very
    real prospect that the Province of Ontario will soon have its first Premier who is not a White Male of
    Anglo-Saxon/Celtic ancestry. It is long past due that a province which is racially, ethnically, linguistically,
    culturally, and religiously diverse as Ontario should finally have a Premier who is a woman, visible minority
    (i.e., non-White), invisible minority (i.e., White European who is not Anglo-Saxon/Celtic), and/or an Aboriginal.

    We actually passed a milestone when Dalton McGunity became the current Premier of Ontario, as he was the
    first Roman Catholic and non-Protestant period to be in such a role. As much as I dislike Tim Hudak, it is good
    that a Roman Catholic of at least half Hungarian ancestry also now leads the Ontario PC Party. The same applies
    to Andrea Horwath of the Ontario NDP, who is also both a Roman Catholic and I believe full Hungarian ancestry.
    We almost had a Jewish Red Tory Premier in Larry Grossman, but it never came to pass quite sadly.

    As regular readers of my postings well know, I am a staunch critic of the evils of racism, sexism, homophobia,
    misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, Whiteness and Anglo-Saxon chauvinism. As recently as
    the early 1970’s the Province of Ontario was a still a hot bed for the virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic
    Orange Order lodges. I still believe that White Supremacy and Anglo-Saxon chauvinism along with its racism,
    sexism, homophobia and pure hatred for immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec still lay at
    the grassroots membership of many provincial and territorial Conservative political parties in Canada. I have
    personally bore witness to it from Rob Ford rallies right here in the heart of multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual,
    multi-cultural, multi-faith Toronto down to the Conservative Party of Canada riding association meetings I have
    attended in the past as a guest of a good friend who is a Tory. In both cases, despite these respective meetings
    were taking place in areas where White people are now a minority, both such events consisted of people who
    were overwhelmingly of British Isles origin, middle aged/retired, suburban and deeply contemptuous of immigration,
    bilingualism, multiculturalism and Quebec. Most were quite open about these things, and to many of them the
    name Pierre Trudeau is a four letter word. These events I attended absolutely reeked of angry and dejected
    WASP-dom which feels displaced by decades of immigration, bilingualism, multiculturalism and a national focus
    on Quebec.

    Its interesting that Sandra spoke of her Italian-Canadian origins. I don’t know if anyone else here recalls it, but
    during the 1985 Ontario PC Party convention when Frank Miller took over from Bill Davis, it was televised on
    City TV here in Toronto. The event in question took place at Maple Leaf Gardens. One after one, grassroots members,
    mostly old WASP farts went to the microphone and complained about “…all the immigrants coming to Toronto and bring
    crime with them”. In particular, several of them complained about “…all the EYE-talians”. I remember that there was
    some sort of friction at the event or outside it between attendees and Italian-Canadians and Greek-Canadians who
    were protesting it or something. I don’t know if anyone else recalls this in better detail. Anyway, it was a glimpse into
    the sickening Anglo-Saxon chauvinism and Protestant supremacy which reigned supreme in the Ontario PC Party not
    that long ago.



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      Cath says:

      Crap WK. I hate essay questions.

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    Bloody Bounder says:

    PS: Sandra is also very beautiful, classy and elegant

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    !o! says:

    Man, gutsy and engaging and smart. I’d love to see her dismantle Hudak in a debate.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Hey you heard it from me first, live as I watched it LOL! But you’re right, she’s going to be the next Premier. Also, did you read about Murray bemoaning how “hurtful” her comments were about the other candidates’ chances v her? Man, there’s empathetic and then there’s just pathetic…

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      Warren says:

      Yeah, I don’t think he would have pulled a stunt like that – on the record – if they were way ahead.

      They’re not.

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    Steven says:

    We know that Hudak will pitch mainly to the uninformed and reactionary redneck / angry white male / spouses of the foregoing – crowd.

    Horwath will pitch mainly to the 20-something naive, chardonnay and crepes lefties, job and pensioned-secured boomers, union militants, slothlful envious and entitled malcontents. And teachers included in the above catergories.

    The question is: how will Pupatello play to everyone else WHO BOTHERS TO VOTE, especially in the 905 regions?

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    Bloody Bounder says:

    “We know that Hudak will pitch mainly to the uninformed and reactionary redneck / angry white male / spouses of the foregoing – crowd”


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    Pipes says:

    I like her! If I had a wish it would be that she rises in the Legislature and cancels funding to the Cambridge Toyota Plant for the hybrid manufacturing and say-“We are a nation without our own car. So lets design, develop and manufacture a Canadian Car. Ine that Canada can be proud of and have it bulit here in the heartland of the nation. Now that is innovation and that is job creation.”

    Anyway-she will make a great Premier

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