01.22.2013 01:20 PM

Pupatello wins support of 100 ex-officio Ontario Liberals

Not bad.  

Now, maybe someone on another campaign can call a reporter and complain about how mean it is to, you know, talk about it.


  1. Warren says:

    400+ are ex officio.

    • tfalcone86 says:

      They aren’t call coming either, so 100 endorsements is huge. We’re talking more than 1/4 of the vote who have gone “Public” with their support for SP.

      You don’t see any other campaign advertising their ex-officio endorsements. That’s because they don’t have them in big numbers worth mentioning in even the same conversation.

    • !o! says:

      Not surprising perhaps, but good news if you support her since it suggests a pretty competitive level of inner institutional support in addition to her more grassrootsy popularity.

    • Sean says:

      “What do you call a campaign counting on undecideds? A losing campaign.” – James Carville

  2. DanO says:

    Not to take away from Pupatello’s achievement, but I think there are too many ex-officios. Hope this is the last delegated convention

    • Sean says:

      Here’s to hoping its not… Actually, here’s to hoping there are more. I’ve always loved the old fashioned delegated conventions. Love the drama, the intrigue, the TV spectacle, the entrance parades, the suites, the hoopla, crossing the floor and I love how long time party people get to play a big role.

    • Sean says:

      For sure Dan F. and I’d add:

      1. We already have One Member One Vote. Each member gets to vote once for 16 delegates and one leader. That’s a lot of voting!

      2. Full blown OMOV actually takes power away from the membership. With full blown OMOV campaigns are all about messaging, fundraising and centralized campaign machines. They are less about good natured arm twisting, friendly conversations, local interests etc… I much prefer the quaint little gathering in the local church basement when you actually get to meet and have a real one on one with the local people you are voting for.

      3. Most people don’t realize that the current delegated system is actually a weird Canadian compromise between American Primaries and the old British Parliamentary system where M.P.s choose the Leader. Our delegated conventions are more democratic than is often assumed.

      4. Anyone who says this is elitist should take a look at a local ballot. Check out the names one by one. Take the time to find out who these people actually are. In most ridings its anything BUT elitist.

  3. Bloody Bounder says:

    Pupatello is GREAT news for Liberals and BAD news for Conservatives,
    as she is a formidable campaigner, an excellent debater, and fiery
    opponent who brings energy, passion and vision to the table.

    Speaking of bad news for Conservatives, it looks as if one of
    Harper’s good buddies has suffered a major electoral
    setback. The sooner Canadian Reformatories, the American
    Republi-KLANS and the Israeli Likudniks are all consigned to the
    dustbin of history, the better the chances for peace, justice and
    equality in the world.


    PS: Warren, I think that Lapid could be Israel’s Trudeau. What are your thoughts on that?.

    • Bloody Bounder says:

      I agree Dan. Justin Trudeau and Yarir Lapid have quite a few similarities. I see Yair’s battle to take his new
      party, which is ideologically Liberal, from having no seats in the Israeli Knesset, to winning 19 last night, and
      becoming the second largest political party in Israel, with the goal of both surpassing the left-wing Labour Party
      unseating an incumbent American Republican-style PM, Bibi Netanyahu, with Justin’s task of taking the Liberal
      Party of Canada (should he come its next leader) from third place, to hopefully both surpassing the left-wing
      NDP in 2015 as the second largest political party in Canadian Parliament, to also then unseating an American
      Republican-style PM, Stevie Harper. Their fathers, Tommy Lapid and Pierre Elliot Trudeau, also had many
      similarities, namely a passion for social justice and equality, coupled with a fierce defence of the separation
      of religion and state. Shelly Yachmovitch of the left-wing Israeli Labour Party and Thomas Mulclair of the
      left-wing Canadian NDP also have in common that they have huge shoes to fill with the departure of
      immediate past charismatic, telegenic and photogenic leaders: Ehud Barak and Jack Layton.

      I hope Lapid stays out of Netanyahu’s coalition, and positions himself to be the next Israeli PM when
      Bibi falters, which he surely will probably sooner rather than later. I also see both Netanyahu and
      Harper as being extensions of American Republican-style neo conservatism and American geopolitical
      goals of unipolar world hegemony.

      Obama held off Romney. Ford will soon be removed from office. Netanyahu is on shaky ground and
      the UK’s Cameron is faltering under the weight of deeply unpopular austerity and an iffy conservative/liberal
      democrat coalition government. That just leaves you Mr Harper, but have no fear, your time to be shown
      the proverbial door as well will come all in good time 😉

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